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71 years old
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I don't get to the movies often, but Ienjoy romance, comical, and some drama. Some of my favorites have been Cold Mountain, Bridges of Madison County, and Safe Haven.


I listen to mostly Christian or country music. Enjoy some Big Band too. Of course at Christmas time, it's a lot of Christmas music of all kinds.

I love sea colors - blues, greens, lavenders, but also love the colors of fall, my favorite season.

I love fresh fruit during the winter time. I can eat blueberries like popcorn! Soups and casseroles are winter time favorites too.

Darci (Sapphire) is my contact friend. We met on the Hill and decided we are sisters separated at birth! We enjoy the same things and look enough alike to be real sisters. I'm blessed to have Darci for my long-distance friend.

Retired and loving it. I moved from my farmhouse where my daughter now lives. Miss the country but conveniences of town are nice too.

Sunshine, family and friends, my computer and Kindle, Cleveland Indians, high school sports, candles, country decor, holidays, sitting on my porch, summer and fall

Tornadoes, crazy drivers, snakes and spiders, greed

I enjoy reading, Kindle and computer, scrapbooking and card making.

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01/22/2022 14:12:55

getting lots of snow, it is

pretty, just hope we don't

get too much..have a nice

saturday..love and hugs..mk

01/22/2022 12:39:17


I think I will do almost nothing this weekend.  I am so spoiled to Hubby running errands for us and this business of him not driving just because he had surgery on his right toes is already old.  He is really doing very well but toes hurt.  Next week stitches come out and then in two weeks the "pins" come out.  Ouch!  


Just 10 more work days.  I have such mixed emotions.  I love working with Kelly and she is so good to me.  But I am  SO FAR behind at home.  The new girl should start on the 7th and I will go back to very "part time".  


Do you ever feel like someone is staring at you?  Guess I had better go find something for lunch.  Poor thing has been on his own all week.  What are you doing this weekend?  Guess I'd better wash some clothes too.  This up and down weather, 19-51 today, causes the basket to fill up faster.  What happened to doing nothing?  


01/21/2022 22:21:50

🐇Have a blessed weekend. Eat a leisurely breakfast, enjoy an old movie, talk with a friend, gaze heavenward at the stars . . .

01/21/2022 15:05:45

Friday is here! And it's a cold one. Temperature is right at the freezing mark and there is a breeze that rather cuts through you. They say we may see some snowflakes flying in a bit but no real accumulation. Weather person says maybe an inch. Guess we'll see. How has your day been, Nancy? Have you been able to eat so that your morphine doesn't make you sick again? That is powerful stuff and can really tear up your stomach. I wish I lived close and could help you some how. Sorting, organizing, doing laundry, keeping you company....I'd do anything!! Love you so much, Nanc. 

Warmest hugs~


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