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60 years old
United States

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RELIGION: Christian - other
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I enjoy all kinds of books. Reading is more than a hobby though, its a passion. I like contemporary fiction, historical fiction, some science fiction and true crime books. My kindle is never far away!


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is my contact and dear friend for many years.

Funny Quips and Quotes

The best part about the good old days is that I wasn't good and I wasn't old.

It's so nice outside I should probably close the blinds so there isn't a glare on my screen.

We DO have seasons in Florida--caterpillar season, lovebug season, monsoon season and Summer.

Florida girl, married to hubby for 41 years. I'm mom to 2 grown boys and Nana to 3 girls who light up my life. I enjoy reading, making crafts, spending time with family and friends and traveling to the beach in the Summer and the mountains in the Fall. Thanks for stopping by my home on the Hill.

I like gardening, planting veggies in the Summer and tending to my flowers and plants the rest of the year. We are blessed to live in the country and are surrounded by lots of wildlife. I also like cooking and trying new recipes.

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01/19/2022 04:58:09

Good morning Beth;   I heard that FL got cold yesterday.  It's been bitter here but I have to take comfort in the fact it's killing bugs. lol.sunsettingoversnow

01/19/2022 04:16:15

Good morning Beth, that's a little chilly for you since you live in the land of eternal summer. Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday of smiles.

Tips for Drawing Winter Scenes
With love from my page to yours..Blessed Be

01/19/2022 03:04:33

Have a Wonderful Wednesday

My Dear Friend!

Love, Hugs and Blessings,

Carrie :) ♥

01/18/2022 21:51:55

Knock coins are military coins about the size of old silver dollars - some smaller but can be in other shapes and come in all kinds of sayings and for all brances of the service except Coast Guard.  if your hubby was ever in the service he might know about them.  If a man was at a bar - usually on base - and he took out a 'coin' and knocked it on the bar 3 times, everyone else had to take theirs out and do the same.  The one man who didn't have a coin on him and couldn't 'knock' had to pay for drinks for all.  They don't do that anymore, but Rich likes to collect them and had so many that were just stacked up, that he bought a little shelf for them.  The one I got him was a Navy Viet Nam coin which really chocked him up to tears.  The Navy never really got credit for being in Viet Nam cause they didn't have "boots on" - (set foot on grounds and fought) even though they loaded the planes with bombs and amunition as they were on aircraft carriers that were out to sea.  Hope that explains it.  I got him 3 Navy ones - one in general and one that was when he crossed over the equator - did that 3 times. 

 We had lots of sun - 48 outside and really didn't even need a jacket when outside.  I had a dermatologist appointment today - waited over an hour before I got in - usually not like that - all was well and just had some moles burt off.  Then went to WalMart - just down the street - and got almost everything on the list plus a couple more things - of course - but there were empty shelves or almost empty ones .  Good thing I didn't need a lot.  Hardly had any veggies and no salads.  Had leftoverr sausage, pasta and brocolli reabe for dinner as after all that I didn't get home til after 5.  Just finished a big bowl of popcorn for a snack - we don't usually have dessert.    Rich ordered a popper from Amazon and it came today so we had to give it a try.  I bought popcorn oil while at the store as that was on the list.  We were making it in a paper bag, but using the oil gives it a much better taste.   Hope you have a great day tomorrow and a peaceful nites sleep, if you aren't asleep already!  Lots of hugs, Wendy

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