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I enjoy all kinds of books. Reading is more than a hobby though, its a passion. I like contemporary fiction, historical fiction, some science fiction and true crime books. My kindle is never far away! :)


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is my contact and dear friend for many years.

Welcome to my favorite time of year! Already we see the subtle shift of the sunlight across the ground. The shadows are changing. The birds and squirrels are gathering their bounty of nuts, fruits and berries. An errant red or yellow leaf appears in a random spot. It won't be long now.
Indian Summer is a nice time of year, especially after the sweltering Dog Days of Summer.

Florida girl, married to hubby for 41 years. I'm mom to 2 grown boys and Nana to 3 girls who light up my life. I enjoy reading, making crafts, spending time with family and friends and traveling to the beach in the Summer and the mountains in the Fall. Thanks for stopping by my home on the Hill.

I like gardening, planting veggies in the Summer and tending to my flowers and plants the rest of the year. We are blessed to live in the country and are surrounded by lots of wildlife. I also like cooking and trying new recipes.

Some thoughts for the day

I choose to find JOY in the path that God has set before me.

* * * * * * * * * *

My failures do not define my destiny.


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09/22/2021 20:09:55

Hi ya Bethie - it was anything but fall like today - with temps at 83 and a small short burst of a shower.  Probably not even enough to properly water the plants but I'll check tomorrow.  Went to Va. Beach with Rich for his appointment and stopped at our favorite Italian place for a late lunch/early dinner.  This kept me from cooking - I'll take that every time!!  He has a follow appointment in a month - yay.  I hear ya about the upcoming time change - guess that's the biggest yuck about fall and maybe that's why I like summertime better - but each to their own.  Nope never heard of air fryer chips and I don't watch Dr. Oz either.  Not too sure of all that he has to say either.  Can't wait to see all my favorite shows again, including shows like the Resident, Chicago Med and all the rest.  I know Rich like the Chicago PD and Fire shows.  Hope your little doggie gets better soon - we feel so helpless with our animals since they can't tell us what's wrong or how they feel.  LuLu got sick to her stomach the other day but seems fine after - saw nothing unusual in her vomit so he knows what ailed her.  I forgot I had towels in the dryer since yesterday bt they can stay there till I remember them again!  lol.  Am going to the senior center tomorrow to make a tea cup candle but mine will be in a old clear, clean glass  that used to hold a candle.  Should be fun anyway and will be nice as always to see the girls.  Have a good rest of the new fall week, Bethie.  Hope it cools off for you soon.  I have to keep an eye on the temps so I can call the gas company to turn the gas back on for heat up in Jersey.  I need to call as I'm not sure I even had it turned off this summer.  They charge like $20 bucks a month just to run it past my house to others who use it year round and I only heat with it .  Guess I'll write myself a note along with folding towels!!  Gee this getting old and forgetting crap is for the birds!  Maybe I should start drinking more tea and taking Prevagen like the add says - ha ha.  Have a good nite!

Fall hugs soon coming your way!


09/22/2021 19:44:24

This contains an image of: {{ pinTitle }}Thanks for prayers Beth. Mamogram is normal! After breast cancer that means alot!! Orthopedic doctor gave me a injection in my right groin. Osteoarthritis in the hip same with my spine. I had two knees replaced because of it also!! God is so good I could cry!! Hugs Shirley

09/22/2021 19:28:02

Evening.,  was  a damp  day., expecting  rain tonight and tomorrow

just met the girls  today.,  hope you had a good day.

made pasta fagoli  for dinner.,  hope you had a good day. and a wonderful  night.

09/22/2021 14:47:00

Currently 80 degrees and sun has peeked out sporadically. But, there is light at the end of the tunnel..saw earlier a low of 48 Friday night..yippee 🙂🙂🙂

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