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mem_normal OFFLINE
91 years old
Louisville, Colorado
United States

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any shade of Orange

Just about anything well seasoned.
My morning coffee.

The Kitchen House

country, smooth jazz, classical

Dances With Wolves

09/11/2020 09:56:48
06/28/2020 12:17:35
05/24/2020 10:37:51
04/14/2020 15:07:36

Was raised in New York City but have lived in Colorado 50 years.
Thank God for every day I've spent here.
I have a little dog and 2 cats, would be lost without them. Also feed 7 feral kitties.
Due to glaucoma, I am blind in one eye so reading is difficult and can only do it in small amounts.

When something is not easy we find another way around it or substitute something else.

Enjoy going for walks with my dog and being out in nature.I'd rather drive down a country road than on a city street.
Enjoy writing to e-pals, taking photos of domestic and wild animals when I can. Have always liked to cook, mostly from scratch, make up or adapt my own recipes.
To be ready to go when someone is picking me up.
Enjoy western art magazines,doing crossword puzzles, puttering in the yard.

Big fan of football and professional bull riding

People that want to be friends just to have lots of friends. If I cannot learn something about them first to know if we have anything in common, there is no point.

People who mistreat other people and animals.
We all share this earth and deserve respect.
Loud commercials, robo calls,people that can't be on time.
Broccoli, bananas, melons, not a sweets, cake and chocolate eater.

Have a plant room with a collection of about 250 succulents and cacti. Spend time in there each day.

Used to do many crafts from crocheting and quilting to folk art embroidery and some oil painting.
No longer can do them.
Too bad.

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09/28/2020 10:46:40

Hope your day is special... like you, Ellie!
*hugs* -di

09/12/2020 05:12:01

Even now it still seems like it was a nightmare when the towers were attacked. I did go into work that day, all the somber sad faces when I arrived. I had a pretty good commute and the strangest part that drive was no planes in the air. Never forget.

09/07/2020 10:35:01

White shoes not allowed til Spring, Ellie! haha

08/01/2020 15:29:26

This is the basic problem in all people that we don’t love what we have and we don’t have what we love. Still we hope that we will get what we love. All I have to say is that be positive and love what you have.I always pray for you.

May you have no sadness in your heart

May you have no worries in your mind

May you have no tensions

May you have a life full of happiness

May your body be free of illness

May you have a spirit to achieve anything you wish for

Have the best day ever …

Love and Happiness always



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