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83 years old
La Monte, Missouri
United States

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Feb 10 2010, 4:34 pm by Caroline2
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I don't watch many movies but like the ones with animals in such as Francis the Talking Mule and other funny ones.

Mostly gospel music. I love to listen, play it on piano and sing it. I think that was a talent that God gave me to use in his service. I am not an excellent player but do well enough to play for my church. I have served as Music Director the past two years and plan to work for the Lord as long as I am able.

I am an avid reader. Love insperational romances or other insperational fiction. Grace Livingston Hill,Emily Loring, Janette Oke, and so many others. Also love historical novels esp. about the knights and their ladys. I am reading Frontier Woman right now by Joan Johnston.

I have so many favorite colors.
I love pastels but also some bright colors.

I like most foods but think fish is my favorite at this time.

My Neice, (Hanny)

I had a wonderful time with my family over the holidays. We celebrated my grandson's graduation the week before Christmas. My daughter rented a large cabin so that the family could stay together so both sets of grandparents and a couple of uncles with their familys were able to have a nice time. His sister also finished high school early and was recognised.
Then I was suprised with a lot of Christmas wishes from former classmates. The first contact with them in 56 years! Found that one of them lived close to us the last 10 years. It was great reconnecting.

I retired in 2004 from Waterloo Industies where I worked for 25 years. Was a Press Operator for three of those years and a Forktruck Operator till I retired. By late summer my mother who lived 4 hours away from me, was needing help so I took turns with my sister who lives in Colo. to stay a month at a time with her. Then began taking her home with me for visits and finally suggested that we build on to our house and she move in with me. She loved the idea and had her place sold in two months! Sadly to say she only lived 4 years after that but was happy to live in the country for her last years. She had a major stroke about a year and half after comming to live with us and I refused to place her in a nursing home and brought her home where she finally recovered everything but her speach. I had to learn how to operate a feeding pump and give injections till she was able to eat on her own and have the feeding tube removed. She is sorely missed.
My husband and I want to do a little traveling this summer if he is able.

I like working puzzles on the computer, reading, sewing,gardening and playing my piano.
I also like getting together with my christian brothers and sisters for meals and fellowship.

I don't like Tv movies unless they are old ones. The new ones are too full of sex and violence.
I don't like to cook because my husband is so picky. I don't like gossip and to have people lie about me or others.

My hobbies are reading, Chrochet,Knitting, playing jigsaws on the computer,taking pictures and Music.

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11/29/2021 09:10:18


11/29/2021 09:04:35

11/24/2021 16:16:41

Hello my sweet friend. How are you today.

I finaly got my monitor so i can be here.

Just got back from shopping.

Its getting real busy out there in stores.

I want to let you know that i am 

thinking of you and hope you have 

a Beautiful Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for my Family and Friends

And i am Thankful to have a very sweet

friend that is so very special to me.

I am Thankful to Heavenly Father for all he does

for us and many Blessing.

God Bless you my sweet friend.

Happy ThanksGiving.

11/06/2021 14:47:11

Hello my sweet friend. I am thinking of Elvis.

I wish i new him but i really dont but i 

do love his music.

Maybe someday in the future i can 

go visit his home and enjoy vacation

with my family. I hope all is well with you.

God Bless you today. :-) 

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