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mem_normal OFFLINE
72 years old
Pearl City, Hawaii
United States

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JOB: Medical
DRINK: Sometimes
RELIGION: Catholic
MEMBER SINCE: 05/17/2009
STAR SIGN: Sagittarius
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Romantic and Regular Comedies like Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail
Forensic-Medical and Regular Dramas/Mysteries
Classics like Ben-Hur, 10 Comandments, Wuthering Heights, An Affair to Remember, I Remember Mama

Easy Listening
Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman
George M Cohen musicals

Medical and Forensic (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
Quilting, Sewing and Crafting
Cook Books
Cookie Recipies

Purple, Red, Black are my favorites.

Prime Steak - Filet Mignon or Porterhouse
Japanese Cuisine
Local Hawaiian Favorites
Most Desserts but especially Creme Brulee and Ice Cream

I worked as a Medical Technologist.

Quilting, Sewing and Crafts
Fresh Baked Cookies and Bread

Rude People

Quilting, Sewing and Crafting
Baking Cookies

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05/31/2023 15:07:43

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05/31/2023 07:07:45

93 years old today. A guy I like to call Dirty Harry

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05/31/2023 04:51:23
Good morning. Hot one yesterday, and of course I picked that day to mow the lawn. I did not realize it was hot until completion of the job and I was trying to cool down. There are still residual effects this morning with the house. I opened the windows yesterday, the first time for the bedroom window and when returning from the walk this morning, opened the front door and put the fan in it to aerate the house. I was hoping to not have to do that until July but every 1.1 million years, the Sun heats up by 10%. My calculation is in a billion years we will be gone. Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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05/30/2023 04:34:47

Good morning. Yesterday I reached the day where it is ethical to open the windows. It is like the rule about wearing white. I have cheated for about a week with the small bathroom window but none that could be observed. Since I was using the oven, I opened the kitchen yesterday and am preparing a plan for today to open one in my Ready Room. I want to wait for the light of day because one never knows what is out there in darkness. This morning on the walk, I found someone in their car, stuck in a construction area where he tried to get through where I am cautious walking. Fortunately for him, it is out of sight of the local heat because I think he was drinking. I would like to be there when the construction people arrive. Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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