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A special friend, Mariam, Watoto Village, Uganda

16 years old

Other special friends from Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Laos, Bolivia and Israel.

I love to read and always have one or two books on the go. Try to be in The Word as much as possible too. I really enjoy Christian fiction and loved Jan Karon's Mitford series. Was sorry to see it end. Also thought the Yada Yada books by Neta Jackson were great - the original series of 7 books. I think I've read all the Maeve Binchy and Belva Plain books, and enjoy Francine Rivers. Now I have a Kobo e-reader so am discovering a lot of new authors.

Not sure what my favorite is - love color in my life. I wear a lot of black & white, also brown & green, and brown & black together. Need to spruce up the wardrobe, but in my home I am currently into red accents in the kitchen, blue in the livingroom and pale green & pink in the bedroom! Who knows what the next change will bring.

Hmmm, what don't I like? Not much! Really enjoy Greek food as well as Indian, Thai and Japanese cuisine and almost all fish and seafood. Like to try many ethnic foods, but always look forward to an old-fashioned full-course turkey dinner! I don't eat much meat, and am a quasi-vegetarian (except for the turkey dinners, LOL!) Never met a cheesecake I didn't like! Add pizza to that too.

Well it's a long story! Maybe I'll do a blog with an outline of my life's highs and lows. I am a committed Christian and my whole life story is a testament to God's love, grace, mercy and guidance.

Romans 5:8 But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

I'm on the Prayer Team at our church and am humbled by the opportunity to pray for people and to witness the healing in their lives.

I am also a breast cancer survivor - over 7 years now!

The Breast Cancer Site

And a proud Canadian!

The Garden

I live in the Garden of Eden,
Where God provides for me.
He protects me, He loves me,
And gives me everything I need.

And I live in that Garden of Old,
And God has sent His Son.
He’s my friend, my companion,
And also the lover of my soul.

Then Jesus brought His Spirit
Who does indwell in me.
So I abide in Him, and He
abides in me.

We walk through the Garden together,
And He keeps his arms around me.
Together we worship the Father and
Fellowship all three.

All of a sudden I notice that we
Are not alone.
All around me Guardian Angels
Sent from the Throne.

And, yes, there’s a snake in the Garden,
But I am taught not to dread.
Jesus gave His power,
To step on this enemy’s head!

I live in the Garden of Eden,
And this is where I choose to be,
With Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Looking after me.

This is the Kingdom of Heaven
And all is as it should be.
There is Love, Peace and Joy
And God’s Grace covering me.

I like peace and quiet most of the time and my home is very important to me. Enjoy sharing email with my friends and spend a lot of time on the computer. I have my favorite t.v. shows, but can do without t.v. (for a while anyway!) if I have to. Love spending time with friends over a meal or coffee. My church and church family are very important to me. I like sunshine, but not too hot or humid weather. I would love to have a small pet, but unfortunately that's not possible where I live right now.

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03/22/2015 13:57:20
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==Just a lil note to say... I`m
thinkin of You today...My lil
way of saying...You are Special
in every way!! Have a Beautiful

 photo 17835206ri9-1_zps89gj5o0w.gif~mystic_rose~

03/06/2015 04:39:03


It's the middle of the night, and for some reason I cannot sleep, so thought I would stop in and say Good Morning.

Spring seems to have arrived in Alberta; of course, being Alberta, we will still get a couple of snow storms and freezing rain until into April, but the harsh air of winter has been replaced with the softness of the Spring air.  Old Man Winter and Miss Spring, still have to do the dance before Spring will finally take over.  We are currently sittig at 40 F.

Hoping you have a great Friday.

03/01/2015 19:19:21

02/14/2015 19:24:20

I'm late getting my wishes out to everyone but do wish you a lovely Valentine evening. Hugs, Barbara

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