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59 years old
Montgomery, West Virginia
United States

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Anything with Johnny Depp..(smiling here)..really a wide variety depending on my mood and whether or not my son helped to pick out the movie.

You can never go wrong with Bob Seger, Bryan Adams, the Eagles, and many other artists. Sometimes I want soft and mellow, sometimes I want to feel the music in my blood until it makes me dance...and sometimes I just want to lose myself and my surroundings in the sounds.

Far too many to list....

My favorite color is midnight blue and the color of milk chocolate....

Pasta, chicken, and what else but chocolate!! Seriously, I am not really a chocolate addict but when I want it, I want it!

02/25/2015 00:03:39

Echoes of a Woman's Soul, a collection of my poetry, is available on Amazon.com. Look for it by title or my name, Dianna Doles Petry.


Friend, you reached out to me when I didn't think there was a kind person left In the world,

Rescued me from the demons of past hurts and broken promises,

Illuminated a new path for me to follow that would lead me to a place where hope and dreams still live,

Endured my pessimism, my fears, my self-doubt and my dark moments without leaving my side,

Noticed the things I did right instead of pointing out my failures,

Declared your love for me, just as I am, and vowed to offer your ears and shoulders when I needed to cry.

Friend, you have given me hope when I felt like dying,
Radiance when the world seemed black,
Impassioned beliefs when I had nothing to care about,
Endless faith in what I could be,
Nourishment for my body and soul,
Drenching me with your love.

My friend, it is because you touched my life that I am here today.

┬ęDianna Doles Petry

I like people who smile at strangers, honesty, white roses, good music, spontaneity, anything that makes me think, good conversation, hot coffee, the mountains....(Did I mention chocolate yet?)

Self-centered people with far too much time on their hands to do nothing for the world around them. Liars, people who steal from others whether it be valuables or hearts. The political correctness that seems to have taken the place of common sense and people who prefer to be ignorant because it's easier. Oh, my biggest dislike is a toss up between spiders and snakes!!

Writing, walking, yard work, creating scrapbooks, traveling and learning more about myself and others. (And chocolate!)

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01/02/2017 15:54:18

happy birthday:

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