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45 years old
South Africa

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Not much of a movie fan and don't go to movies very often.

I do however liked Gone in 60 seconds, Mr and Mrs Smith, Lion King just to name a few.

I love a wide variety of music. From Dance, Alternative, Pop, New Age, Country, Afrikaans, Ballads, Metal and Classical.

My favorite artist is Anastacia. “Left outside alone”

I'm not much of a reader.

The only time I will actually take a book and read it is when I am studying or there is something that I would like to improve my knowledge on, or need to know…

There are many colors that I like.

But favorite is not only one color as I can not decide which one actually is no 1 so it is Blue and Black....

My favorite food is local. We call it "dop en tjop" (BBQ & Beer).

My other favorite Cuisine is Mexican, Indian, Italian, Chinese and Greek.

Hard to choose!

We’ll this is a hard part…I was born and raised in Namibia. We then moved to South Africa somewhere in the 80’s. I’m now 34 years old living in Johannesburg, South Africa. I work as a Personal Assistant for a Medical Company. Single you ask? Well I have no interest in getting married.

I have 10 beautiful kids at home…YES 10…they are very fury, have 4 legs, total unconditional love. My 10 kiddies are cats and they are Ceasor, Spokie, Mickey, Xavier, Fluffy, Sokkies, Strepies, Benjamin, Moses and Taintjies..They are my world and they are what makes me get up every morning!

I had been diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago. Had a double mastectomy done, chemotherapy and reconstruction was done later. With the surgery they left 5% breast tissue behind. And they told me the changes are almost nothing that it will return., And my reply to the Doctor was “Yeah Right!”

4 years later – 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed again with breast cancer – started in that 5% that stayed behind! I’m on chemo at the moment and still working full time.

I am positive and all is going to be well..

I love nature, animals. love spending most of my time with my cats, and the rest of the time with my family and friends.

I hate cruelty to animals, use of animals in labs or any medical facility, cruelty to kids and women

pencil sketching...nature photography..gym..making oncologists rich (not by choice)..

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