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64 years old
Armstrong, B.C.

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RELIGION: Christian - other
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A couple of my favorites are Driving Miss Daisy and On Golden Pond.

Most music except opera, jazz and rap.

Romance or historical romance novels. Nora Roberts. Sandra Brown is my favorite author she writes romance and mysteries. The Bible.

Scarlet or Royal blue

I like FOOD....steak, breaded pork chops and chicken. Seafood especially oysters when I can get them and shrimp and I love lobster. Also I enjoy Chinese food. Lately I have taken up making wraps. They can be very wholesome and easy to make, our local grocery has whole rotisserie chickens, cooked, and I get a variety of vegetables, lettuce, bell peppers, ranch dressing, fresh bean sprouts, avacado, veg. and rice, peanut butter and banana, & I especially love beef jerky !!

My contact person here on the Hill is jayseahawk. John (Jay) is my significant other. We were neighbors and fell in love when he went to hospital with a heart attack Easter of 2006. We have, as of 2015 now been going out for 8 3/4 years as of Jan. 2015 !!


IN the month of January I got up and chose Healthy nutrition items I spent the mo. of Jan. getting guidance from a neighbor who is a nutritionist, She gave me a walking plan which I discussed with my Doctor and he made some changes, his advice was to gradually increase distance walked.!! I've lost 15 lbs. in January !! Wow !!

My prayers for each of you that need prayer. May GOD bring healing and comfort to those of you who are sick or whose friends or loved ones are sick. Belief in God helps those that are struggling with grief. God answers prayers. Try to read your Bible early in the day, each day. Remember that if GOD will lead you to it He will lead YOU through it !! Our lives are predestined When WE ARE STill IN THE WOMB !!

I am not able to work due to health reasons. I worked for many years with the mentally challenged. Then I worked with the elderly. Working with the elderly in their homes was very rewarding. I occasionally volunteered at Hospice.

I like living in a small city (5000), people you don't know say hello or at least smile when you meet them on the street. I like people with a positive attitude and a good sense of humor.

I don't when people are driving while talking on cell phones and are not paying attention. Abusive people. Liars. People who show prejudice. telemarketers. I have gotten so that I don't like it when people push their opinions at you which I shouldn't do as a Christian.

Reading, watching t.v. especially game shows, playing computer games, visiting and meeting people on The Hill. Not taking too much time for games or the Hill lately, I seem to be be busy visiting and helping out elderly neighbors.

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01/27/2023 05:43:22

Happy Birthday in Heaven!

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Happy Birthday in Heaven!


01/19/2021 11:20:57

Happy Birthday in Heaven!

01/26/2020 10:29:39

Happy Birthday in Heaven!

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