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54 years old
upstate, New York
United States

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JOB: Self employed
RELIGION: Christian - other
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I like Biblical movies, Documentary, movies that are based on real life issues are always good to me!

I'm a lover of all music! As long as it doesn't sound like noise.

My Favorite Book in the World, is of course, The Bible!

Blue, all shades of Blue!

I love all food, but my all time favorite is, Asian food,,Authentic Asian food!


MY USER NAME IS: Cookmaster66

Kathys comments

Circuitbreaker502009 is my Contact person! He is a good friend of mine, here on the Hill.
My Husband and I actually met him, over at MySpace.
We connected so well & have been great friends ever since. We are making plans to meet in person soon!!
AND ALSO, DOC_ (HERE ON THE HILL) Barbara is her real name. I also met her ,, over on MySpace. She is a Dear Friend!! She has a heart of Gold.

I am a God Fearing,Christian Woman. I love God first and foremost. With him anything is possible. Without him, Satan will consume you. He is my inspiration, my strength. He lifts me up when I am down and carries me through any opsticale that comes my way.
I have been with my wonderful Greek husband for 15 fantastic years and been married to him for five years now.
His name is Steve or (Stavros)
He is my best friend! My knight in shining armor! My life with him is simply the best!
My adult kids Jeremy and Krychelle are my life, my world. I live for them both. They both are the best adult kids any one mother could ask for. (I am proud of them both)
I am a manager with a large cleaning Co. I like my job. It is both challenging and rewarding.
I absolutely love being a mother and wife. And am looking forward to being a nanna some day. (When my kids are ready)
Life is great in my world! I invite all to share in that greatness with me and mine. ((GOD BLESS YOU ALL))

I'd Like to meet People that are honest and sincere.
That love our Lord.
People that are well rounded.
People that go out of their way to help others in whatever their need is, and not put an emphasis on what others can do for them. (To wake up with the thought of being kind to their fellow man)
People that strive to better theirselves and others, in order to achieve a harmonious and unified country, for one and all. (A better tomorrow, if you will.)
People that love all people, no matter the color of their skin or heritage.
One Of Gods many Blessings, is that he made sure we all looked differant, that's not to say we aren't the same, because we are.
And besides, life wouldn't be that interesting, if we all looked identical!
We as a people, need to love and Respect one another.
If we make this a priority in our lives, we will all benefit, in a positive fashion, as individuals and as a whole.
We are the human race.. we are all one in the same, in our heavenly Fathers eyes, that is.
So we need to never forget this, and treat eachother with loving kindness Always!
I love all people... And I love to meet people that replicate Jesus Christ's examples (HE SET FOR ALL OF US), in their daily lives and actions.
I don't proclaim to be perfect, I was born of sin.
But I desire to live for our Lord 100%
I stumble, as we all do, but our Lord lifts me back up, in order that I continue to live my life for him.
Let us all join together, as Brothers and Sisters, in Christ Jesus, our Lord!

I love to cook..It is my favorite Pastime.
I love to entertain family & Friends!
I love to Plant vegetables in the ground & watch them grow. (It amazes me)
I love to see Pretty Flowers all around me. God's beauty is simply Amazing!
I love to take walks in the evening..it is peaceful.
I like my house to be clean, it relaxes me!
I appreciate & like other cultures, you can learn a lot from other people.
I like to sit back & Read the Bible, it is so inspiring.
I like people who impress & inspire me..People whom I can learn from..A true education, never ends. You can always learn something new every day! But most of all, I like to help all people I come in contact with, in any way I can..If I can be of any type of service, to the betterment of peoples well being & happiness, then I feel as though I've accomplished something worth while!


I don't like Human & Animal cruelty of any kind. It bothers me so much, to know there are people out there that would treat people & animals with less than kindness!
I don't like to see litter on the streets.
I don't like to see people upset or depressed...If I come accross such people, I try to put a smile on their faces & hope to make an impact on their lives.
I don't like to see our youth lost & out of control...If we all would just reach out to them, together we can make a differance in their lives. (REMEMBER, THEY ARE OUR FUTURE)

I Don't like racism at all! We should never look at or judge another human being by the color of their skin..We could be missing out on a wonderful friend!


butterfly myspace graphics

butterfly myspace graphics

Inventing New & interesting recipes, Writing, Reading, Baking & cooking for the pure joy of it,Bead work,gardening, home decorating, fixing things that are broken down,cutting & styling peoples hair,listening to music for relaxation & Spending time on my Computer!

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Happy Birthday, liebe Monika (Kirschi173)

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