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77 years old
Ephrata, Pennsylvania
United States

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The Sound of Music/ NOt much for movies, but some I enjoy watching at home. Spending more time in my quiet place with the Lord. reading his word, drawing closer to him. His presence is so special, in my quiet place
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Country, Religious, Elvis Classical, Opera by Pavarotti, Country Religious, some Jazz but enjoy the old hymns of yesteryears. We don't sing those too much anymore.

First of all my roadmap which is my Bible, It leads me to eternal life in the hereafter. Books by Chuch Swindal, Beloved Mitford Series. Beverly Lewis books about Mennonite Life. and many more wonderful books that I read.
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Am I comfortable with God knowing my heart and thoughts?

My favorite color is anything in Red, pinks, blues, warm colors that l like and walking and working at Shady Maple with friends that I work with and are part of my life

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< >Pursue a righteous life—

a life of wonder,

faith, love,

steadiness, courtesy.

1 Timothy 6:11 (The Message)

Cheese steak sandwiches,Steak the grill,mash potatos, Mac and Cheese, Pork and Kraut, Beef stew,all this good Pennsylvania Dutch cooking. I like to make my own homemade soup

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Autumn is in the air, soon trees will turn their beautiful colors for us to enjoy, only God could make such beautiful things happen in his creation.

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Gram445 We work at the same place, Shady Maple I will be there 30 years in May, love that place. Good food, good friends, have come to be part of my family /*Layout created by DocShellDesigns*/
Good friends are what makes life interesting and always there for us when we need a helping hand or just a hug.

On October 28, 2014 myhttp://dorishigh.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Exodus-15-11-1024x681.jpg husband Roger went to his reward in Heaven, he is so happy there, I am doing well as can be expected, have good friends and family who love and care for those who go through these times in life

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I love to have good clean fun, belong to a walking club that goes out every Monday for a 2 mile walk and then off to breakfast, different places every we go, I love to read good books.

I grew up in a big family in West Virginia, so I enjoy having friends, here and in my home, I like to entertain friends. I read, crochet, and take naps occasionally. Ha. Ha. And watch TV. And I like my job as a cashier at Shady Maple Smorgasbord, in the Dutchette

I don't care for people who make fun of people who are handicapped, I had that in my family and I have much compassion for those people, young an old alike

hobbies are eat, work, sleep, Ha. Ha. I like to cook, I love to go for long walks, with a walking club and by myself, so I can meditate, and talk to my Heavenly Father about prayer requests, for friends and families, and I also enjoy reading, also I crochet afghans for the local hospital for cancer patients and those who are sick

Keeping healthy even into our golden years, don't ride a bike but walk.

This is my family and add my NOTH family to my group of family. Thanks everyone.

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09/30/2015 15:43:12

 photo autumnpathgrday.gif

It is hard to believe that Autumn is really here already. The time seems to have gone by so fast lately and I just have n't been on the Hill much. It has been one thing after another. I have a bad knee at the moment. It is hard to sit for long at the desk with it bent. I started physical therapy today so I hope that will help. It has been so painful the last few weeks. Hard to get in to see my doctor. It's vacation time. 

My dentist is also is on vacation and of course I have a big problem. My long bridge had a big section break off in the front on Friday evening. I think I will have to get a new one. Oh they are expensive, another piece had already broken off in August. I am all ready for Halloween when I smile as the last break was right in the front. I hope though the dentist can fix it up before then but it does take time.

I have been doing an Autumn Page a bit at a time. I put some photos of the Super Moon in my photo gallery. We had a beautiful night for watching the eclipse. Usually it is all clouded over but not this time. The weather is very Fall like. Cold nights but bright sunny days. We have had a little rain but we need a lot more to make up for the drought. 

Tomorrow I am going to dust the whole house from top to bottom. Maybe if I post this I will really get it done. I haven't dusted in so long as it has been so painful to hobble around. I would get a little done but never the whole thing for weeks. Everything is getting a grey film on it.

Well I hope you are doing well and thank you for being my friend.

Hugs Eileen

09/30/2015 10:28:51

Hello my friend

09/29/2015 23:52:53


Good Weekend Image

Long time for me, have been working and been busy, so sorry that I haven't kept up to date with information, hubby died in Oct last year, then other things happened that did not expect, so now I will try to keep up with my NOTH friends. Sylvia

Hi Sylvia, Nice to hear from you again. You did tell me about the passing of your husband and I was very sorry to hear it. It is good that you keep so busy. I really don't get on Hill very often now all those aches and pains that come with old age, never mind there is always someone so much worse off. I hope you are keeping well. We are now in spring and are having some beautiful days but still very cold nights. Take care of yourself. Hugs Bess.x

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