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87 years old
Parrish, Florida
United States

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Turner & Hootch still makes me laugh -
Affair to Remember & Charade.
American in Paris.

It's always been Country - especially Alan Jackson, ALABAMA, George Jones, Merle Haggard, the Highwaymen (all of them) and Willie Nelson, (of course, especially his STARDUST album)....

Almost all mysteries - Janet Evanovich makes them funny. and lately, John Grisham's Bourne series.

My bil and sister brought his collection from TN when they visited in January and em enjoying the lengthy "spy-kind of" books now.

Blue and Autumn Colors

Pizza! and Creme Brulee

02/17/2021 21:47:24
07/16/2019 15:31:40
12/29/2014 22:26:38

.Haven't tried to learn it yet.
One thing at a time, w/days between to recover!!

X-Ray, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine Tech - Medical Transcriptionist, Hospice. Executive Secretary, Dog/House Sitting business.
Richard & I were married when I graduated from X-ray, we're now on our 62nd year! we have 2 girls, married and living in Florida, a 4 hour drive from each other, who do animal Rescue and videography of marine mammals. They're both "good people" and we're very proud of them

Reading, Medical programs on TV that are informative/heartwarming. New "Tips and Tricks" that make my computer fun.
Meeting new people. Just received my "Kindle" to hopefully cut down on accumulating and getting rid of regular books!!
Remembering solutions to my NOTH PC problems or remembering where I wrote them down!!(and most importantly, remembering to thank those who guide me in my travels w/NOTH!!

People who are mean or harmful to others and abusive and neglectful to animals.
Seeing suffering.

Music is still my constant to listen to......
Reading, "traveling" on the computer.

Sharing my "old age" with our 2 remaining cats, Good Boy (because he was from Day1, even with only 1 eye) and Big Maine Coon almost 3 food long, and a big baby, Charlie. Probably the last we'll have at our ages.

Would like to take up guitar, but only had 1 lesson many decades ago and had to stop for kidney surgery and rehabbing...

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02/28/2024 17:55:26

This may contain: two women wrapped in blankets with the caption you can't wrap a friend in a box, but you can wrap your friends in a hugHello Gerri! I hope you had a good day today. We were close to 70 degrees yesterday. Now 28 degrees and we had snow flakes today and high winds. But the sun came out and you don't see any snow now. I hope you are loving your new home!! Hugs Shirley

02/25/2024 16:51:41

AlilHeavenOnEarthHello Gerri!! I hope you are ajusting to your new surroundings!! Should be more peaceful, I hope! We had more snow but with the sunshine& mild temps, the snow is going away!! Be safe and I know I care! Shirley

02/21/2024 18:55:46

Just surfing the Hill this evening...wanted to stop by and say hello. Looks like we joined here around the same time. Only been to Florida once, flew into Ft Lauderdale and out of Miami way back in 1997 when we took a cruise. I have cousins there in Spring Hill..and a dear friend who is in Port Richey. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week.

02/14/2024 11:14:54

Happy Wednesday and Valentine's Day!

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