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75 years old
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Titanic, High Frequency, most of Disney movies, Harry Potter, Old black and white movies.

I like most music. I like Rod Stewart's "The Great American Song Book" 1 & 2. My favotie is "Time After Time"
I like the Golden Oldie's from the 50's & 60's,
Country music oldies's also.
I like Lou Bega, Roy Orbison,the Beatle's, Josh Groban,Bobby Vinton,Don William's and so many more.


I love to read. My favorite author's are.
Nora Roberts, Debbie Macomber, Maggie Shayne, Fern michaels,Anne Rice, Dan Brown, Alexie AaronRight now I have a Kindle 10, and I'm loving it.

Green, green and more green. love all the colors of trees and grass.

Chicken, pizza, and Chinese food.

Patti and I met on PalTalk about yrs.

Sit back and have a cup of tea or coffee, enjoy my page.

I'm a wife of 56 years. I can't believe it has been so long. Where has the time gone. A mother of 2 sons.
A grandmother of 4 grandsons. I'm great grandmother to Nora Jasmine. We also have another great granddaughter Brooklynn Elizabeth. Our newest Great granddaughter is Brooklynn's baby sister. Raelynn Grace. Now we have a Great grandson named Grayson Oliver.
I'm retired from having been in the day care business for over 30 years. Sure loved each and everyone of the children and most called me gramdma.
We had a little dog, Mitsy Sophia{Shih Tzu-Terrier} She was 17 years old and was very spoiled. Mitsy joined her brother Scruffy in Pet heaven 11/13/14. Our Scruffy went over the Rainbow bridge in January 2014. We miss Mitsy and Scruffy
so much.
I have lived all my life in our small town of 6,000.
We now have a new kitten that we got from the shelter. Her name is Sadie Rose. She is now 6 years old, and a mischief maker. She is so sweet.
We have another cat. A stray we call Sassy. ( Vet said she's about 5 yrs. old. Loving cat but doesn't like Sadie and Sadie doesn't like Sassy. We have been keeping them a part for now and hoping they will like one another soon.

Birthday: MARCH 17th. Anniversary Sept. 5th

I like warm summer nights. A gentle rain. A rainbow. Watching the birds and squirrels under our feeder.
Reading a good book on my Kindle Fire HD. My computer and talking on Facebook with friends.
Being with my son and his wife. My grandson's and my great granddaughters Nora, Brooklynn & Raelynn.
also our new addition Grayson our first great grandson

People who do not use their signal light and also who pass you going real fast just to turn at the next road.
People you thought of as friends, but talk nasty about you when you are not with them.[back stabbers.


Reading on my Kindle Fire 8 for sure. Just getting into healing with gemstones. I'm finding gemstones very interesting. I'm also into Young Living Essential

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Once a little dandelion had a very special dream. But for a plant whose roots were in the ground, this dream was strange it seems.

I will tell you her dream, but you mustn't laugh, for a flower she is shy. The dream she dreams every night is that one day she will fly!

Now in this dream there is something strange (as dreams are wont to be),

"I felt myself floating high, as far as I could see! But when I saw myself in my dream, the me I saw wasn't me!"

So everyday she opened her face to the warm golden sun, she grew and grew, she dreamed her dream till an awful change had begun...

"What happened to my yellow face?! My tiny petals are now all gone! What is this fuzziness that I feel?! Have I been dying all along???

The little dandelion, now sad and afraid, stood alone on the lawn. "One more night to dream of flight and then my dream is gone."

She awoke at dawn no longer afraid, the day was bright and clear. A little girl played close by, "What's this? She's coming near"...

The little girl giggled when she saw the  funny thing standing there full of fuzz. She ran up to it and plucked it up! The dandelion's mind was all abuzz!

What happened next was like magic! Like nothing the dandelion ever knew! The little girl puckered up her lips and ever so gently, she blew! The dandelion soared into the breeze on a hundred tiny wings! "I am flying!" she yelled. "My dream! My dream! It came true!"

As she floated on the gentle wind, going higher in the sky. The dandelion looked down at the girl who was smiling, waving goodbye. 

"Thank you" she thought, "You made my dream come true. Whatever your dreams are sweet girl, I hope they come true too."

"The Dandelion's Dream" 

by Scott Metcalf




11/26/2022 10:16:21

11/25/2022 11:56:31

just stopping by to see the "updated" pages!

11/24/2022 12:08:15





Not only at Thanksgiving, not only each Thursday, but everyday, say Thank you, be Grateful, do something nice for somebody else.  Pam-Thanksgiving

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