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76 years old
San Juan
Puerto Rico

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JOB: Retired
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RELIGION: Christian - other
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I collect DVDs

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Many: Jazz.Blues, Rock, Pop, Classical, Latin

Too many to list
Anything I get my hands on

"I gotta take a little time, a little time to think things over..."

San Juan

"Now this mountain I must climb,
feels like the world upon my shoulders...
Through the clouds I see love shine,
it keeps me warm as life grows colder..."




I will heal
And not harm

I will love
And not hate

I will restore
And not demolish

I will help
And not hurt

I will seek to understand
And not judge or dismiss

I will grow
And not stagnate

I will be respectful
And not rude

I will be compassionate
And not cruel

I will have empathy
And not apathy

I will be mindful
And not heedless

I will be strong
And not weak

I will be courageous
And not cowardly

I will dare to dream
And not relinquish hope

I will be open-minded
And not closed shut

I will plant peace
And not strife

I will inspire
And not crush

I will thrive
And not be thwarted

I will live in the moment
And not dwell in the past or on the future

I will cherish my loved ones, animals, and Mother Earth
And never take any of them for granted

I will embrace my uniqueness
And never be generic

I will make magic
And not malignancy

I will create
And not destroy

I will be free
And never confined

I am a free spirit
Who is grateful
For my life and freedom . . . today.

CC By Christine Bruness

Call Forensics - Coroner - Celestium (Cremation)- Waste Management - CSI - Bio-Hazard Waste Control

"I am back from SPAIN switching Mediterranean waters for Caribbean surf. Please remember I am still suffering from Jet-Lag, meal schedule adjustments, hunger pains, temporary sleeping disorder and lots of "senior moments"...I sometimes wonder whether I'm coming or going!!! Hugs!"

"and the silence that opaques my creativity, begins once again to darken my heart and yet the voice remains within that silence..."

Please be patient if I don't answer your comments right away. I have "other" duties to perform and responsibilities to attend to... :)

SandieLee's Cabana Boy

P.S. I will soon get back to my hammock, which is my symbol!

Why do I feel LOVE is just a Chimera...

♫Song, song blue everybody has one...♫

Slowly adapting to single life...

Retired from work but not from all the good things LIFE has to offer!

Divorced for the 3rd & (hopefully) the last time. I've got to get used to living alone.

From now on, women are just for friendship,
although I still need someone to share the wonderful things in this good earth!

It seems to me that the women I meet (my age) have given up on "meaningful relationships". I cannot have a relationship without "meaning" whether it is friendship or intimate. Perhaps times have changed & I'm just a dinosaur in this new world...

I believe in honesty and sincerity!

I am a hopeless romantic at heart...

Nature, Rivers, valleys, white water rafting, camping, hiking, horseback riding & so much more. I enjoy sunbathing, cruising, motor boating, good dinning, travel, long walks preferably on the beach, meaningful conversations, sharing precious moments, delightful intimacy, laughing out loud, making people laugh, putting smiles on faces, cuddling on cold or rainy days...and DANCING!

Games. I was The Master of The Game, don't play...
Pushy people.
Abuse of any kind

"In my life there's been heartache and pain
I don't know if I can face it again
Can't stop now,
I've travelled so far, to change this lonely life..."


Had a few.
Now I like to observe people.
Putting smiles on faces.
Making people laugh.

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