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66 years old
Cleveland, Ohio
United States

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JOB: Retired
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RELIGION: Christian - other
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Documentaries type movies, Funny movies, Oh, and lets not forget the Tearjerker movies. This year so far I've several movies, The Help and Sparkle.
Both I enjoyed.

Christian Music, Easy Listening, Light Jazz.

My all time favorite book is the Holy Bible.

I'm in Love with Stephen King, so anything he write is my favorite. I do have to say I have read the Green Mile many times.

The DeVinci Code

The God Machine, Gospel Truth and The Hunting Club, By, J.G. Sandom

Colors that are calming to the spirit
Any shade of Blue. All pastel colors that soft and inspire peace within.

Seafood and most veggies, I lean more to being a vegetarian. If it wasn't for the seafood, that I just love I guess I would be.

Sweets are also a love of mine, I have to work hard to stay away from them or else I would eat nothing but something sweet all day. So once a week I do indulge and pick one sweet item I eat. Have to watch the calories,a problem with getting older

I'm not to complicated, I like who I am and where I'm at is time in my life,thank the Lord. I'm 60 years old and the mother
of 2 grown sons and they have both blessed me with 2 grandkids. Each son and his wife have one child. Youngest son has a daughter and the Oldest son has a son. That's just perfect for me, both grandkids are the Apple of my eyes.

I'm a retired military nurse, went in young and retired young so I feel I get to make another career for myself working with what I like doing right now, that's Working with Seniors. I'm a Art Director, in a Senior Living Home. We have a small craft shop,that helps to make an income for some of the seniors that aren't as well off as they would like to be. This gives them the extra income to go on Trips that the Senior Center plans without dipping in their income. This makes me feel good and we all donate a percentage of what we make to the Transporation fund so we can help others to go on the trips also. I'm so thankful I am able to be of service to others.

Being retired early also lets me Travel,and do more with my kids and grandkids.

My husband and I are true soulmates.and enjoy mostly the same things.I guess we would we have exactly the same birthday down to the very year.
How lucky is that, we sure can't say we forgot each others birthday...LOL

I love to Read, Travel when I can, do all sorts of Craft, Gardening. Meeting people...I just like being busy and who I am is what the Lord has made me to be, A caregiver, it is why I became a Nurse and enjoyed nursing for almost 25 years,and even though I'm retired I still enjoy doing for others and always will.

Hateful Angry People, People that find nothing to be happy about and forever complaining. Life is what you make it, good or bad. And the Good Lord supplies All our needs as He see's fit.

Reading,Walking,Sewing, Scrapbooking,Cardmaking,Gardening.

I know you won't call this a hobby,but its a part of me that has always been something I like doing, "caring for those in need". So, at this time I'm caregiver for my husband's mother a very sweet loving person and we are good friends,its my gift to be able to help care for her.

I also help hubby with his brother that had to move in withtheir mom, because he had a stroke a few years back that left him unable to completely care for himself. We have a very large multifamily house and enough room for us all, and caring for him is no big deal either.
He has a good personally and very funny so I enjoy helping him also.

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