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Answers to some of your questions?

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Mar 18 2009, 6:28 pm by Kellie
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Its Great to be Young It's an old movie but I still like it The Jazz Singer is another and all time favourite Phantom of the Opera.

all music from opera to country and western except rap. I would love to put music on my page but too frightened of getting sued for using it.

Catherine Cookson I never tire of reading this authoress's books they are always very down to earth just like me.

t shirts that are nice and bright I need something to brighten up my day and if they are funny with it all the better.

I'm not into fancy foods give me plain old fashioned food home made soups etc.

With the help of a friend we have managed to get some of the shrubs and plants in my back garden cut back and more bulbs planted. what a difference it has made. So just the front garden to tidy up a bit more and that will be it for the winter.

The only other bit of news that I have is, I'm off to a warmer climate for a few weeks, I'm taking my Daughter and Grand Children to Disney World in Orlando for 18 days so really looking forward to it after the terrible year it's been for us.

I've been on this earth too long to realise I'm nothing special, just another name and face on this earth. I live a simple life here in a tiny village in Scotland, it's lovely and quiet so suits me just fine. My life revolves round my daughter and grand children who live not too far from me in the same village

I love to listen to the birds twittering away in their nests in my trees and to watch them come down for their daily feeds on the seed I've put out, I also have a family of rabbits that turn up to eat the seed as well so I'm having to make sure there's enough put out for both the birds and rabbits

People being rude and disrespectful to others especially when it is not needed just because they may be a bit different in some way

Photography Gardening Crafts and considering I taught crafts theres a very varied range of them.

I like to take photographs of places and things then paint these scenes when I get home and see the photographs

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