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"Gone With The Wind", "Beaches", "Marley & Me"!
I also love the older movies with Fred & Ginger, Hepburn & Tracey, the glamour of old Hollywood, the comedy of Lucille Ball & Ricky Ricardo!

The only kind of music I DON'T like is Rap & Heavy Metal! I especially like country rock, folk & MoTown! Anything I can dance too is great!
I love Big Band music!
I like Celtic music, & the soothing sounds of nature, birds singing, rain, water running - very relaxing!

"Tuesdays With Morrie", "The Five People You Meet In Heaven", "Lovely Bones" and anything by Shel Silverstein

Soft peach - most pastels

Steamed seafood! Roast leg of lamb! Prime Rib!

I joined Twitter & Facebook - but I'm so lost! Still working on that! :(

My 1st granddaughter, Laura, will graduate this year, & is looking into colleges as we speak! She has it narrowed down to 2 that are very close to home (YEAH!), & is leaning towards one that has a great dance program. She has been in some form of dance or acro since she was three yrs. old, & I am so happy she plans to pursue this as part of her college experience! Keep your eyes open - there will be plenty of pics of my girl, as well as the rest of the grandkids!

I was born & raised in Berks County, Pa.,and can't think of any place I would rather live! I love the changing of the seasons, even tho my body doesn't like the heat of summer, or the cold of winter! I have fibromyagia, chronic pain, asthma, sleep apnea, have had 2 back surgeries, & I'm currently recovering from rotater cuff surgery! I'm currently on Work. Comp. & Soc. Sec. Disability from a fall at my last (& favorite) job as an Asst. Preschool Teacher, working with 4 & 5 yr. olds! I love working with childern, and hope to find some form of employment in that field if I am able to return to work.
I have 3 grown children from my 1st marriage, and they my "new" husband (of 14 yrs.) almost as much as I do!
Well, if you've read all this other "STUFF" then you have a pretty good idea of who I am!

My granddchildren, of course - there are 5 girls and 2 boys! They range in age from 17 down to one.
I love animals of all kinds, especially my 2 shelties, Ellie & Bo! We also have a rabbit, and lots of tropical fish!
I like smiling at people I don't know, because it makes me feel in some way connected to everyone, and isn't that what life is all about?
I like meeting new people - that's why I'm here!

Abuse of any kind! Be it children, spousal, animals, I just can't comprehend the mentality of someone who could infict pain of any kind on any defenseless being!
Driving - everyone is in such a hurry today! I do drive, but never on busy highways or bypasses! I take backroads, or the "long way around" whenever possible! Drives my Hubby crazy!
I hate to be rushed, and I really hate to be late for anything! I'm a fairly laid back kind of person, and I've learned to take my time and enjoy my life.

I love my computer, even tho I'm not, by any means, very good at it! Having had no formal training, I "putter" around with it and learn as I go!
I like to read, crochet, sew, and try a wide variety of crafts, but no one thing in particular - whatever strikes me at the moment!

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