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116 years old
Rochester, Michigan
United States

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My favorite films are usually thrillers in the vein of Magic, Signs, The Edge, The Sixth Sense; and the "Silence of the Lambs" series. I've never missed seeing a M. Night Shyamalan film, his direction is magnificent. I love the movie 'The Shining'. Angelina Jolie my favorite actress.

My taste in music is very eclectic: I love many types: Classic Rock, Progressive, Electronica, Ambient (Enigma, Deep Forest etc.) & some pop. Some of my favorite performers are the late John Lennon & Michael Jackson, Robbie Robertson, Dido, Céline Dion,Lady Antebellum,Adele, Sting, DuranDuran, Bono, U2, Mary J. Blige, Enya, Annie Lennox, Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, Vanessa Carlton, Leona Lewis, Steven Tyler, Alanis Morissette, Loreena McKennitt, Mike Oldfield, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Bob Seger and of course, Elvis. One of my favorite things is dancing. I absolutely love to dance.


I read everything by R. Stephanie Good, Stephen King, Thomas Harris & Anne Rice.

My favorite color is the
color in a childs eye
When their eyes are
Filled with love...

Enjoying a hot summer day
on Lake St. Clair

Hello. My real name is Judy, but I've used the nickname of 'Teedee' & 'Gita' on other social networking sites. I'm proud to tell you that I married my high school sweetie many, many years ago and live in the beautiful state of Michigan. I'm lucky enough to be the mother of 4 wonderful grown children (Bill, Chris, Sue & Lori ) as well as 5 of the most precious grandchildren in the world (Paige, Danny, Miranda, Tyler & Tanner).

I consider myself a very lucky lady. I now have the honor of raising my oldest grandchild, a lovely young girl named 'Paige' who is now 19 and a student at Michigan State University!

For My Paige:

She's a true joy and the light of my life. She has a deep connection with animals, therefore, my home is like a zoo at times. We have animals running all over the place. We have two large dogs, ( a black lab and a golden retriever ) , a 5 year old Pomeranian and my 'baby' a little 5 pound Chihuahua who is the 'boss' along with 4 fully grown cats. We also have a tank full of goldfish, a few lizards! So you see, there's never a dull moment in my home:).

I need to warn you, I'm not a typical 'granny' by any stretch of the imagination. You WONT find me in the kitchen cooking a big meal (unless it's a holiday), sewing clothing for the family, baking cookies or canning food. You WILL find me eating out or throwing a TV dinner in the microwave, 'malling' it with my daughter(s) and Paige, going to the movies (the scarier the better) and listening to music on my Ipod as well as singing & dancing like the teenager at heart I am.

I'm also a lifelong registered Republican and proud of that fact.

Typical, I'm not:
Fun, I like to be.

I love all animals, as you've probably read; my home is full of them. I have to admit, my favorite is my little Chichuhua, Mr. Boots :)

I'm a webmaster, artist & graphic artist. Some of my art is shown in the slideshow on this page.
More of my art
can be found at
"Renderosity" dot com

I also love working with Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop and Animation Shop.
Some of my Art

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ART IMPRESSIONS People - Cling Rubber Stamps 4x7, 29 AGAIN

06/26/2016 14:17:59

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