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69 years old
Lehighton, Pennsylvania
United States

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Dirty Dancing,Love Story,Gone with the Wind these are just a few. Love to watch movies that make you laugh and somethines they make you cry.

Country - Old and New
Oldies - 50's & 60's

True Stories,Love Stories - fictional

I like all the Country colors. Mauve,Blue,Green,Yellow,Rust,Brown,Beige

I LOVE SHRIMP. I do like other sea food's and chinese food.

12/05/2013 16:38:55
12/05/2013 16:29:00
11/28/2013 14:43:18
07/08/2013 07:17:02

I am retired after 10 yrs working with Special needs children. Loved my job & I miss the kids. I am married & have 3 daughters which one is in military USAF along with her husband / my son in law. I have 5 grandchildren & 9 step grandchildren.

I love Camping,Family & being around nice/good people with sense of humor, music Oldies & Country,Dancing and having a good time.

Persons with cockie attitude,think they know it all.

Like to do crafts,some sewing.

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10/21/2016 11:47:48

10/17/2016 15:40:37

Good afternoon.  Hope you are having a good day.  We went from the above to this

Had a busy weekend.  Had gdaughter stay.  Did some baking, as she loves to do that.  She went outside on the deck and built a snowman.  The snow is starting to melt.  The snow pictures is the view I have from my condo.  I love it.

Somebody asked why we moved.  Well, we were renting, as we hadn't wanted to buy a place at this point in our life; They decided to sell it, so we had to go.  We found a lovely place that we love, so now we won't have to move again.  My kids can move us out!!  It's a job I never really minded, but as I get older, it is a real job.  All settled now, and loving it.  

Hopefully, the snow is done with for awhile.  It is only 34F today but by Friday we will be up to 50F.  We are about 10 degrees cooler than normal.  We had Summer in May (as far as hot weather went) so maybe we are having Winter in October.

I wish you all a great day, evening or night.

10/13/2016 17:04:14

  Hi.  Sorry to be gone so long, once again.  It seems, when it rains, it pours.   Had to pack up our condo and move to another one.  What a LOT of work!  Moved on the 07 Sep., had only a few days to get stuff unpacked and then had a Garage Sale on 16/17 Sep., at my daughter's house.  Got rid of a LOT of stuff I no longer wanted.  THEN, I got a bad sinus infection and was sick for a couple of weeks.  Had to go on antibiotics and lost my voice for 4 days (lucky hubby lol).  Had a couple of Dr. appts. in between.  Last week, I had a cyst removed from my eyelid, and today had cortisone shots in my toes.  Also, had to work in an appt. with the cardiologist who preformed the ablations I had for afib.  It's been 2 yrs already, and the afib is still quiet and I hope it stays that way.  Last weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada.  Went daughters house on Saturday night, to the Mayfield Inn Brunch theater on Sunday, and then to son's for dinner on Sunday night.  Cooked dinner on Monday and had some friends over.  Have just been crazy busy the past while, and haven't had much time to be on the computer.   

We have somehow missed Fall, and seem to go directly into winter.  We had snow last weekend and there is more on the way tonight through this weekend.  Temps are about 10 degrees cooler than normal.  All of the seasons have been really early this year.

I have my Halloween page done, if you want to stop by for a visit.  Listen to some music and grab a cuppa.  Take care.

08/06/2016 02:41:31

Have a good weekend.

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