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68 years old
Lancaster, California
United States

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I enjoy such a big variety of movies, I really can't say what is my favorite. Drama, suspense, tear jerkers, horror, murder mysteries, comedy, even still enjoy some children's movies.

I rarely actually go to the movies, though. I went more when I was a kid, and it was cheap, with double features and cartoons at intermission or before the movie.

I mostly rent movies to see at home. So I'm a little behind, not catching them as soon as they come out at the theater. But that's fine. If it's the first time I see it, it's new to me. I find I rent or buy discounted movies more lately, as I decided to try going without cable or satellite. I don't miss it. And that's saying a lot, since an antenna doesn't get any decent reception here.

I like old rock and roll, mostly from the 50's 60's and 70's. But have and enjoy music in many categories. Rock, Blues, Jazz, some Opera, some country.

Can you guess who is my favorite singer of all time?

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

There's several videos here if you want to check them out.

Ray Bradburry and Steven King are a couple of my favorite authors. I love good mystery, romance, and some horror.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

(Robert Frost)

I simply like color. I use different colors in different rooms in my house. I try to dress in colors that look good on me. Can't really say I have a favorite. It seems to depend on my mood at the time, or whatever is attracting me at the time. Sometimes bright and vivid, and sometimes pastel. I rarely wear bright colors.

I LOVE chocolate. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chocolate#History/
Love good food. Hard to name a favorite. I like Mexican food. I love Chinese food, and other oriental foods, as long as the meat is cooked, and it's not something that used to bark or meow. I love spicy foods.

When I go to the coast, all I can think about doing at first is finding good sea food and ordering a combination platter to tast as many things as possible. I love plain old good country cooking.

Although, I must say, I don't do much real cooking any more. Sorta gave that up when my boys grew up. I guess I don't want to spend that much time in the kitchen any more. Thank goodness for microwaves and the fozen food isle at the grocery store.

Lately, I've been improving my attitude toward cooking again. Having a lot of fun lately with the slow cooker. I find recipes, and make some up, and freeze portions. So I still get the nice easy warmed up meal, much of the time.

Find me.

Welcome to my place on the Hill.
My JRT, Lucy was born June 20, 2008.Her day of arrival to my home was August 8, 2008, 2 days before my Birthday. Lucy is a wonderful, smart, energetic, fun dog. My constant companion. We have a blast together. I consider her my retirement dog, since I retired not too long after getting her.
On 11/5/2009, I adopted a cute little kitten for Lucy. He was born 8/26/09. He was very sick when I brought him home. But we got meds from the vet and nursed him to good health. Now he is a little demon. In fact, his name is Voodoo. He and Lucy have gotten acquainted quickly and have become good friends and playmates.
OK. Now I'm going to have to watch out, and behave myself. My mom has joined the hill! Now she'll be able to keep an eye on me better! She's here under "LSterling". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A very special friend in Florida is deeply involved in preserving the burrowing owl habitat, the website above AND creating places the little owls will choose to nest.
Another very special person, Lora (who has now joined the Hill as LBozarth) is a good friend who breeds, raises and trains beautiful little horses. Lora's husband is here as "CBozarth". He is not just a computer guru. He's an absolute genius!
You really MUST see the Tanglewood Farms website!


"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn't thinking."- General George Patton Jr

I grew up with 3 brothers and all their friends, picking up the nick-name of Oddball (among others). Little did I know then how well the nickname fit...

Now retired, as of Oct. 2008. I plan to travel as much as possible in a small 5th wheel. I think the process of getting there is as fun and interesting as arriving at the final destination. Problems along the way are a learning experience that are as important as the fun stuff. I am involved in some on line RV groups, and plan to meet people in my travels, to make it more intresting.

I plan on buying a Scamp 5th wheel. Built to my specifications...


It doesn't come accross on line, but I'm generally a shy and quiet person. Until I get to know the people I'm with well. Then, you may wish I'd be quiet again! LOL!

I like good people. Humor. Travel. Day dreaming and planning.

Every day, I put together the puzzle of the day at JigZone.

If I miss some while away from home, I come back to catch up.

I like playing dominoes and spades at Pogo. I like this site.

I love animals.

Oh, yeah....COFFEE!

I like Maxine. She is my mentor.

Websites recommended by Maxine:
The Senior’s Guide to Computers
Feisty Side of Fifty/Baby Boomer Women
The Boomer Chronicles
Time Goes By

I hate ironing!
I don't like flying, terrified of tornadoes,


Mean, rude people. Life is short. Enjoy!


RV travel/Camping Computer Smileycons!

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