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Kingston, N.B.

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Love Reality TV, Survivor, CSI, Cops, ER, House
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I used to read all the time when I first hurt my back but I ended up needing glasses to read and it has gotten away from me.

Jacquie Lawson e-cards

Jacquie Lawson e-cards

I love all different colors, but I like blue, purple and green the best!!
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I love fruit, salads, seafood, sweets

Wee, I think I can say "FALL" is here, our Summer went so fast I just hope "Winter" does the same. I'm not one for Winter as it I don't like to be cold, I should be one of the people that call themselves Snow Birds...lol. But I couldn't afford to stay there, but I think it's great for the ones that can.
We got a new neighbor several months ago that built a house so big you could put mine inside..lol. They started several grape vines and the birds have been giving them a run for their money so they put up scarecrows, owls and several propane bangers and they go all day and they can scare you have to death so I hope it's doing it's job. Last night hubby took me down too see them and the grapes are plentiful on each vine. I don't know when they are ready to pick but they are going to have an awesome crop.
I would love to have a taste, when we were in Chile they had crops all over and that made lots of wine of all types, color and tastes. I brought some bottles home for my 2 sisters as they love wine and they said they were excellent.

My neighbor stopped feeding his hummingbirds as he wasn't around enough to keep them feed so we adopted them all plus the ones we've had. Now we must have at least 10 of them but it's very hard to count as they move so fast. Yesterday I was lying on my swing and they were so active I asked hubby to set his camera up for video, so I tried to catch a few of them. His battery was low so he put it on the charger. I hope I captured them enough to see them. He turned the AC on, it's one you put in the window and poof the hummingbirds took off, but as soon as they remembered the sound they came back. I have 2 feeders out and hubby has to fill them both every day, boy they must be hungry or there are a lot more than we can count. They are aggressive little things...lol. They run into each other and there is one that sits on our weather stick and as soon as one comes close he attacks it, just too funny to watch.

My kids have been out picking school supplies (yuk). It's hard to believe it's getting closer to school but the buys are on now and they have special things they need to pick up and if you don't get them early, they are gone.

I hope everyone has had a great Summer or Winter wherever you live. Please keep safe and enjoy each day to the fullest.

I have a new addition to my house, she is black and white and has 6 toes on her front paws....my hubby calls her Mittens, she is a hoot to watch and she gets into everything. Our Tigger doesn't know what to think about her yet but he is trying really hard to like her when she bites his tail or tries to get under him when he's eating! Sometimes he just jumps out the open window when he doesn't want to deal with her. I want to get her used to the car so hubby takes her to the store with him when he goes for coffee or tea and I bought a leash for her as the coyotes have eaten almost all the smaller animals that we had around, how sad. They grabbed one of my neighbor's puppy as soon as she put her on the ground to do her thing and a pack came running by and grabbed the poor little puppy, I hope they chocked to death. They run thru our yard even if we are sitting on our deck, too close for comfort for me, they should have a bounty on them. They all have the mange and are very UGLY!!

I'm married to my Jr.high school sweetheart, 34 years on April 5th. We have a girl 30 and a boy 28. We have been blessed with 5 wonderful grandchildren, 3 girls born Oct.26,Oct.27 & Oct.28, 2000. My daughter had Michaela, then my son's wife had the twins, Emma & Bailey on 2 separate days. We have 1 grandson, Jayden born August 21,2004. On Dec.21/08 we had our 4th granddaughter named Myah and she is absolutely gorgeous. She has blue eyes and blonde hair. We wondered where the blue eyes came from and my Dad and older sis both had or have bright blue eyes. We think that is all we will have but you never know...

We live in the Country and I don't get to town very much due to back problems. My hubby is the best, I'm very lucky and he knows it...lol.

Kids, g/kids, cats, sunny days, warm days! In the summer I like to sit on my swing and watch the hummingbirds. They are really friendly and fast,the butterflies are so colorful.
I also love this site, I have met so many wonderful friends and true friends. I will never leave here because it's the best place to be for me and everyone that I've met have been so kind and helpful.
If I had one wish, I would wish for World Peace, we need to unite with all Countries and become friends, not enemies!!

We have lots of different animals here in the country...deer, coyotes, raccoons,etc.. We have over one hundred different types of birds!!!
I have set a goal today and that is to learn Spanish. I have always wanted to speak their language, so I'm going to do it!!!

Gossip, really irks me...if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all!! If someone doesn't like someone then they should keep it to themselves or find something good about that person. Life is too short for petty gossip, we need to be kind like we were taught to do from our parents. We could learn so much from our grandparents and great grandparents. My Mom or Gram never said a bad word about anyone, they always found the good in them...now that is a very important lesson.

People need to forgive and not judge. There is only one person whom can judge us.

My Family always comes first,my cats, my computer, Reading. I'm not allowed to do anything else at this time, hopefully a cure will come my way! But I have to say being on here has been the best therapy for me and everyone has become my family!

Jacquie Lawson e-cards

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