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  • What is Twitter
  • Twitter Basic - how to use Twitter
  • Twitter Widget - how to add to your profile here on The Hill
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Come Twitter with TC and EB! Come be a Twitter Hillian.. better know as a Twillian! By now everyone has heard of Twitter, but what is it really? Its not a chat, its not a bulletin board, its just a place to tell people what you are up to. And vice versa.. you can see what your friends are up to, or see news and updates from some of your favorite sites.

Twitter integrates great with The Hill! At a glance, visitors to your page here on The Hill can see what you have been up to! See Eightball's page for an example.

Twitter Basic: So you want to learn what all the hype is, but you think it is too complicated? Here is how to learn Twitter without it being confusing.

Step 1: Join Twitter by going to http://twitter.com Don't use your real name, just a nickname.

Step 2: Once or twice a day type in an update about your day, such as something special you are doing, some place you might be going, a link you found on the web that you thought was interesting.

Step 3: Follow our NotOverTheHill Twitter account by going to http://twitter.com/notoverthehill Now you can see updates that TC and EB make about the Hill. You don't have to go several times a day; just look once or twice a day. You can see the updates on your Twitter page too! Also, be sure to follow Cloudeight for news, updates, tech tips, and more at http://twitter.com/cloud8

Step 4: Find ONE friend and choose to "follow" each other. Now, once a day, check your friend's page to see what they did today!

That's it. Its not for chatting back and forth, its not for tech support or questions, it just a little journal to let folks know what you are up to, and for businesses, its a little journal to share news and updates or tech tips.

Slowly add a few more friends, maybe a news site, and soon you will understand what Twitter is about! Next, if you put a Twitter widget on your page, here on The Hill, visitors will see at a glance what you are up to! It will integrate great with The Hill! If you are going to be gone, or doing something special, all your friends who visit your page here on The Hill will be up to date on you!

Ok, now, click the link below and get started!!

Come follow us at http://twitter.com/notoverthehill and http://twitter.com/cloud8

How to add a Twitter Widget to your page:

1. Log in to Twitter
2. Click the link at the very bottom of the page called APPS
3. Choose "Widgets by Twitter"
4. Choose "Other"
5. Click Continue
6. Click Continue again (Flash Widget will already be chosen by default)
7. Click Continue again (Interactive widget will already be chosen by default)
8. Copy the Coding,

Now,  log in to the hill, Choose My Account, Account Settings, Profile Settings, "Twitter" and paste the code here. Be sure you choose save.

IMPORTANT: Please limit the number of widgets/flash on your page as it not only causes your page to load slow, but can cause flash conflicts. We have found that the flip albums and guestbook slide shows use poor coding and cause many conflicts, so please consider removing these.

Lots have joined in! Don't be shy... jump right in!


  • Use your nicknames when signing up, instead of your real names though, and if you already signed up with your real name, just go change your profile!
  • Click to visit NotOverTheHill Twitter page, see who the friends are that NotOverTheHill is following, and you will see many fellow Hillians. Click their name to "follow" them
  • You don't have to be at Twitter all day.. just check it out from time to time to see what your friends are doing! Don't feel you have to follow everyone. Just pick a few friends to follow.. don't worry about who is following you!
  • Follow Cloudeight at Twitter too! http://twitter.com/cloud8 Keep updated on what's new at Cloudeight!
  • Check to see who your friends are following.. you will probably find even more Hillians!
  • On your Twitter home page, you will see comments made by all the friends you follow, and you can click their name to see what they have been up to. They in turn, can click your name to see what you have been up to.
  • Update your Twitter page by stopping in from time to time to say what you have been up to, give links to some cool pages, or share info with those that are following you. When friends who follow you come on, they will see your entries. Simple as that.. nothing more, nothing less!

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