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This picture taken August of 2011

mem_normal OFFLINE
78 years old
Waco, Texas
United States

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Love movies. A movie theater, big popcorn, and a cold drink is heaven. And, I love some TV shows which I'm not ashamed to admit - unlike some people. Oh, Christmas Story, the "Don't shoot your eye out" funny one is a favorite movie of mine too. See what happens when you start a list?
It never ends:
As Good as it Gets
Something's Gotta Give
Mulholland Falls
Jeremiah Johnson
Stand by Me
(And on and on)

Golden oldies, classic rock, and good country. I think the song "Amazed by You" by Lone Star is an all time favorite that makes my knees weak.

Alabama has also put out so many great county songs it just boggles the mind.

I read anything and everything. There are too many people walking around who have never read a complete book from cover to cover.

I have an extensive collection of UFO related books.

Favorite color is Blue. I think. I like Colorful things - so maybe I like all colors.

Someone once said, If a flower grew by me everytime I thought of you - I would walk in a garden forever.

That is beautiful.

Hmmmm - you can't beat great Tex-Mex food here in Texas. Those of you in other parts of the country that think you are eating Mexican food - you're NOT. Come to Texas and enjoy it here.

Just leave me messages and tell me about your UFO sightings and/or email me at dkeel@hot.rr.com

Or, ask me anything you care to ask.

Retired criminal justice professor. I have been a police officer in Texas my entire adult life. As a uniformed patrol officer, detective in Drug Enforcement, and detective in Homicide sections I saw every type of crime known to mankind. I am a certified and licensed hypnotist by the State of Texas for criminal investigations. I can tell you hours and hours of hilarious cop stories experienced while dealing with drunks, outlaws, and nut-cases.

After working 40+ hours a week as a cop and then going to school during the hours left over for a few years, Baylor University granted me a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and a few years later the University of North Texas granted me a Masters Degree in Education. All that means is that I sat on my butt and listened to some crazy stuff from a collection of goofy professors. Luckily, most were very good teachers. Whether I agreed with their views was not the point. At least I was exposed to different ideas and that in itself made me a wiser person. I pretty much try to treat people the way I like to be treated. You know - the golden rule thing.

Married one time at the age of 24, it lasted 15 years and that was many years ago. I still don't really know what happened. She was a movie star gorgeous redhead. That may be why I married her and not because I loved her with all of my heart. We are still friends and still talk occasionally. She is married again and I'm happy for her. Seems like all the women I date are "shoe freaks." They seem to love and buy more shoes than other women. Maybe not, maybe all women are shoe freaks. Hey, I'm a guy - what do I know?

Knock on wood; I've been fortunate to enjoy good health and hope to stay that way. I do the treadmill most days and I usually have to put a gun to my head and make myself do it. Once I start walking it's fine. Go figure huh?

I have a Burmese cat named Simone. She has been with me seven years. First cat that has ever owned me. Cats are soooo funny and get embarrassed easily which makes them funnier. One day she loves a certain cat food I give her and the next day she looks at me like I'm trying to poison her. The dog in the gallery is Bear. A great rescue dog I obtained and he is a lot of fun also. He is always happy and glad to see neighbors who walk their dogs each day.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The UFO phenomenon has been a life long interest of mine. I am Area Director and Chief Investigator in Central Texas for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). If you think we are alone in this big universe, you are fooling yourself.

Also, I've placed this following poem I wrote on here for all to read and enjoy. Check it out if you have a chance. Here it is:

No Regrets

When we were together, it seemed to me we had it all.
Same hopes, same dreams, same love of laughter.
Our passion was endless and our promises were forever.
A future apart was unbearable and unthinkable.
For you, I would have doused the sun and drained the oceans.
I would have traveled the stars to search for our own world.
Together we were unstoppable and nothing was impossible.
I knew in my mind, body and soul the moment you cheated.
The pain of betrayal was more than real, it was debilitating.
The sorrow would not leave my body for a moment's peace.
I would have given my life for you without thinking.
I will love you 'till time's end and I don't regret doing so.
Most will never experience the love and joy you gave me.
Even with the grief I suffered, I would do it again.
How foolish you say? No, I say, that's how much I loved you!!

TexasSteel aka Dave Keel

The pictures in the gallery were both taken in late August of 2007 as was the profile picture. Click on View More Pics to see the cat, dog, and me. Oh, and by the way, my hair is not dyed and it is all mine. I can't believe how many people ask me about it.

Laughing and enjoying life
Intelligent women with a great sense of humor
Attractive women on the average to thin side who are sexy and know it
Women who go with the flow and try not to act too proper
Ladies who keep their "baggage" stored in the closet.

The opposite of everything in "Turn On's"

Oh I thought of something else. Another BIG Turn-Off are the so-called "Glamor Shots" women have taken. Ninty nine percent of those are awful and look stupid. Most guys don't have the balls to tell that to you ladies but I do.

Area Director of Texas Mutual UFO Network
Reading and learning new things
Intelligent conversation about anything
Collect old postcards from Texas

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