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Hello everyone! I am Eve, I live in Hungary, I live in Hévízgyörk for a year. From my birth I lived in Budapest until February 2019.
I worked as a nursery school toddler. I took care of me from 0 to 3 years old and raised the children I trusted. I haven't been working for 1 year, I'm retired.
I have two adult children. My grandchildren are 2 or 3 years old.
I like to look at the computer. I like open, honest people, I like to talk to them. Unfortunately, I don't speak English ... Google
I communicate with a translator.
Thanks for being a virtual friend, have fun with me!

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05/30/2020 05:13:15
Happy Saturday. I wonder if the launch is going to go today as one of their rockets blew up in a test yesterday.

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and water

Image may contain: sky

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05/29/2020 23:09:23

Saturday Blessings Quote With Roses Pictures, Photos, and Images ...

05/29/2020 05:40:12
Happy Friday.  My day has started  fairly well.  It is about 55° out, with no humidity, and all the stars are in the sky.  I went for my exercise and the first 3 miles went really well.  I then stopped at my FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE to start the coffee.  I then went for a walk for another mile to relieve the boredom while waiting for the coffee to complete.  I was really lethargic on this last mile and at times felt like lying down on the ground and not getting up.  And of course, that would be out of the question.  In either case, I eventually arrived back at my destination and am now relaxing for the day.  I have no clue what I intend to do.  I do know this, it is GARBAGE DAY.  I'm not participating fully but only from the standpoint of taking care of my neighbors garbage can.  I have taken the liberty of casting some of my garbage, which is not much, into her receptacle.  I just did not have the ambition to make my usual illegal garbage dumps this week.  I'm also trying to limit my visits to the local stores.  With the approach of the weekend, I shall even limit that to less times.  Yesterday my day was actually more of a success than expected.  After the rain stopped, I went outside and pushed the lawn mower around my yard.  I even went so far as to blow away some of the grass on the sidewalk, and then as long as the electric cord was in use, I brought the trimmer out and gave it a little trimming around the edges.  This is always a hit or miss as it does not always function properly.  And of course if there would have been a lack of string in the machine, this would not have happened.  I'm expecting a high temperature today of maybe 68°.  I'm happy that I did not panic and get the air conditioner in operation.  I had about two days of humidity and temps in the eighties.  I almost  weakened.  Have a good day on this the eve of the weekend.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

New drive-in theater to open on Friday. I never thought I would see this again.

05/28/2020 23:13:45

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