Title: P - People, Presents and a Potluck Party
Tags: Christmas, family, tradition, friends
Blog Entry: Christmas has come and gone, and hopefully all of you have a fresh stash of pleasant memories. Hopefully, there will be more time for “computer fun” now. I am continuing on my personal A-Z Blog Challenge with this episode. We all have our particular traditions of celebration, and 2016 Christmas took on a new form for us. Our celebrations continued for more than two weeks, and we enjoyed every minute of it, starting with the arrival of two families, relatives of my husband, from northern England. All but two of them had been with us before, and their preference is to come to Canada in the winter, to experience the snow in the Rocky Mountains. Their accommodations were in Banff National Park, about 50 km from our home. Downhill skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating at Lake Louise, and ‘tubing’ near us, were on their agenda. This year they experienced some very cold days, and driving in the fog at night was a challenge, especially with the steering wheel being on the “wrong” side of the cab!!! Our two adult grandchildren, Emily attending U of Victoria, and her brother Zach, attending Caperwray Bible School were home for a great Christmas break.  Visits with family, catching up with their friends, and joining in activities with the Brits filled their days. Christmas Day was at our home, and I was thankful for all the help. It was a Potluck Party because food was prepared in three different locations and served buffet-style. Sixteen people sat at two tables, enjoying roasted Alberta beef, as well as a traditional turkey with all the trimmings.  For years, only the children in our family received Christmas gifts, and this was our first “all adult” Christmas. It was fun too, just having everyone at home. However, presents arrived from relatives back in England. Calendars from Yorkshire, lime marmalade and chocolates, Bassett Liquorice Allsorts and Liquorice Cakes from Pontefract, and greeting cards and letters, all reminders of our times with them. Visiting in Pontefract was the only experience we’ve ever had of smelling liquorice in the air. With all the fun and laughter, our deep joy was in the celebration of the most precious gift of God’s Son, the Prince of Peace. For us, He is the real Reason for the Season!