Title: my 5 minute day blog
Tags: Monday
Blog Entry: Ive never blogged..but thought why not? I do keep a journal so not a whole lot of difference..My 5 minute day blog is going to be exactly that..I will for 5 minutes post what my day has been.. 9:07 Awesome day! work was great, my businesses are moving along and God has a handle on it all. I just got home from a mens study group, not what your prolly thinking cause this mens group is to me in a word...real...we talk about real life stuff, taking off the mask we put on everyday and let it out, tonight was on a basic belief about salvation...what exactly does it take to be saved? now I am running outta time but if anyone reads this im curious What do you think it takes to be saved? do you know what i am even talking about? 9:12 gotta go..