Title: U - Useless, Under-Used and Useful!
Tags: sorting, giving, buying, fun
Blog Entry: Years ago, I met a lady in Scottsdale, Arizona who did seminars on how to be a good household organizer; organize your purse, organize your kitchen, organize your closets, etc. Her name is Donna Otto, and she is still doing seminars and recently, I saw that she has a group on Facebook. I haven’t seen her for a long time, but I still remember some of her ideas. To give an example… if sorting through a closet or a room, have three boxes/baskets that are labeled, Put Away, Give Away and Throw Away. It works well. My husband and I have changed the categories a bit, when we are trying to “down-size” in my storeroom and in his shop. The categories are Useless (Why have I kept this for so long? It’s broken and/or useless),   Under-Used (I can’t remember the last time I’ve used this!), and Useful (I’ll keep this, or if I don’t need this anymore, someone else could make good use of it.) We will try to sell some of these items, but most things are put in boxes, bags, or loaded in back of the van, to be donated to some charity like Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, or Value Village. It is amazing how much stuff we have accumulated since the last time we moved. Added to that, we love to drop by garage sales, auction sales, or thrift shops when we have time, in case there is something that catches our attention. It’s like going on a treasure hunt; we may find something that is so cheap that we can’t afford not to buy it!