Blog Entry: IN MY OPINION:   Today I made one of my rather rare visits to the Hill. I was checking my page and found 2 new “peekers” at my profile. Now don’t get me wrong. I love to have people check it. That is part of what makes social sites it fun. Still, This may be trivial but it irks me when someone checks my page and I go to return the favor only to get an ugly screen telling me I am not a “friend.” I know it isn’t a matter of life or death but to me it is a matter of principle. What gives the person a right to go surfing others profiles but slam the door in others faces when they try to return the deed?   I also try to leave a little comment on the pages I visit even if I clicked by mistake. I just consider it polite LOL A short generic greeting that one can paste to pages they visit is sufficient. I think most of you know I try to be polite and never confrontational but I do have this silly idea that people are generally as nice as I am. LOL   2 HRS LATER   Well, I happened to surf one of my groups. The last time someone wrote in that group seems a while. Still,I am sure glad I waited to post this because I came upon a post saying it disliked generic greetings. While I stand by my opinion, it gave me another perpective so I change a few words that might have a little harsh. I realized there once again are two sides to every story or opinion. I think my only reason is my slow as molasses typing. Like molasses it moves but slowly. LOL I guess I will continue to send generic greetings that are public and take the time to pound out to a private message when I respond to something. I have to do it this way or my poor hubby will have to endure a wife who will have her butt glued in front of this computer banging slowly away on the keyboard. ha   Now remember folks, that is just my humble opinion.