Title: Just a little chuckle
Blog Entry: Just a little chuckle  One of the poll questions that popped up today was asking how we reacted to door to door salesmen. Here is the poll question and answers: Door to door salesmen:   A. I say Not Interested & close the door  B. I ignore the door.  C.I listen politely--then say Not Interested  D.Don't get any where I live   Well, didnt answer that poll because none of the answers apply to me except occassinally B. Generally, I don’t take advantage of my deafness but rather than deal with salemen, polltakers or suspicious charity beggers I play up on my deafness. 99.5% of the time I know if I pantamime that I am deaf, they smile and make a hand waving motion and beat it as if the devil is at their heels. LOL   I discovered this little strategy when I was in college. Back in the fall of 1970 racial tension was in my college too. My dorm situation consisted of a little living room and two bedrooms. We had a little cupboard where we keep tea and dishes that we could use with hot water. That particular evening I was siting on the floor with the door opened making myself a cup of tea. I saw a motion so looked up and there was a Black guy with a regular cup. I assumed he wanted some hot water to make himself a cuppa. Imagine my surprise when I was just about to pour boiling water in his cup when I saw a few dolloar bills and change in it. My curiosity got the better of me and I began yell for my suitemate. Clara’s room was just a few feet but I was beginnig to wonder if she suddenly became deaf. After yelling her name several times, she opened the door. She pretended like she didn’t know anything so asked the young man and then told me.   “He wants to know if you would like to contribute to the Angela Davis defense fund.”   I told him I was a money poor student so he grinned and left. (which was no fib) After he left I knocked on Clara’s door to find out why she had acted so sheeplisly. Her excuse was that she hoped I would tell him I was deaf. LOL   As for the other .5% of salemen, well, I ignore the door if I know it is a salesman. If I am unlucky that day the salesperson might start signing and then I am stuck. lol   P.S Most of you probably know who Angela Davis was. In case you don’t, she was a young activist for Black right during the 70s.