Title: F – Finding Funny and Fascinating Facts
Tags: opinions, news, technology
Blog Entry: When we purchased our first computer in 1983, it was considered a business tool. If I learned how to use it, I would be able to help my husband in his business by creating ad files and financial records. I read the tutorials, learned the meaning of a bunch of new words, and have never lost my fascination with the technology. Now, in my retirement, I still use my computer every day to communicate with friends (all over the world), create new friendships with people I probably will never meet in person (NOTH and FB), read books (the print is bigger), listen to music (YouTube), and do some shopping (Ebay and Varage). I still enjoy and prefer emails from many friends who tell me about their family and the ups and downs in their life, as well as interesting sites that they have found on the Internet. Funny animal videos (we no longer have pets), happy and funny videos of weddings and other family events (some are also very sad) from people around the world, household tricks to save me time and money (some don’t work), and recipes (they look good, but I’m sticking to my favorite recipe collection) are all fun and entertaining. I’m fascinated by the convenience of my tablet when we travel, and my “smart phone”, (used for talking, taking pictures and texting, even though I’m still a one-fingered instead of a two-thumb typist). I wanted to learn how to use these “tools” to keep in touch with family, especially grandkids who are now young adults. One more ‘f’ word that we hear far too often these days… fake ! It’s used all over the place; in advertising, religion, manufacturing, health, politics, and relationships. It could be fascinating at times, but rarely funny. We need to be aware that even though the stuff we read may be fascinating and funny, it is not always the facts.