Title: L - Lake Louise
Tags: vacation, winter, summer, chateau, hotel
Blog Entry: There are times when we discover, through the eyes of visitors, that we live almost “next door” to one of the world’s treasures of nature, Banff National Park. We have extended family members living in England who have visited several times, both summer and winter, and a ‘must see’ location is Lake Louise. Lake Louise is at the foot of a glacier, and in the summer, the scene from the chateau on the edge of the lake is spectacular. There are hiking trails around the lake, a chance to view some bears when you ride the gondola, some Adirondack chairs on the front lawn, and shopping areas in the Chateau. A village has been developed near the late with many condos, making this a destination vacation location. When our visitors come from England, they prefer to come in the winter so they can enjoy snow related activities. They rent a condo in the mountains and drive to our home for visits and a home cooked meal, or we drive to their location and join them in some activity that we can watch. At Lake Louise, they can ice skate on the lake, enjoy ice carving events, take a ride in a horse drawn sleigh, and enjoy a great lunch by windows overlooking the lake We live about 80 miles from the lake, and never think of taking the drive there on a sunny day. It’s sort of a “been there, done that” attitude.  Shame on us!