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Blog Entry: When my little Pomeranian Foxy Lady died from a pit bull that a man had taught to fight. I was praying for her to live. Unfortunately, she died instantly, I never thought I could love another dog like I loved her. The other dog was put to sleep since he could not be trained not to fight. Even that dog's death did not help my grief for my lost companion. You see Foxy Lady was born on my wedding anniversary and was given to me on Valentines Day. I felt she was my love child. My husband and children searched for another Pomeranian but were unable to find any that we could afford. Then one night I had a dream that I would get another dog and call her Baby. A few weeks later my daughter called to tell me a friend of hers Poodle had puppies and she had one female puppy that was curly haired and o so cute. I said I would think about it and my daughter surprised me the next weekend with the puppy. I fell in love with her and called her Baby. My daughter said that's what her friend called her. I then asked when she was born and I then figured out when she was conceived, I then realized that God did hear my prayers. Baby was conceived on the day I buried Foxy Lady and she was the only female in the litter and was not like any of the other puppies. She has been my constant companion and I thank God for her every day. THIS IS A STORY I JUST HAD TO SHARE <a href="*1TqoefUgDXSvna3Jvr52EUtbkPTdsM4zbhsTbdtdM-3Xs/BABYASWEETLITTLEDOG.jpeg" target="_self"><img src="*1TqoefUgDXSvna3Jvr52EUtbkPTdsM4zbhsTbdtdM-3Xs/BABYASWEETLITTLEDOG.jpeg" width="640" class="align-full"></a>