Title: W - Wondering Why, When and Where?
Tags: questions, friends, learning
Blog Entry: For those of us who are always trying to learn stuff, we often ask “Why?” We learn in many areas in our lives, and so much of it seems to cause us to ask “Why?” Some of the answers will never come, some will come with an explanation we can’t understand, but often, the answer helps us to learn the “behind the scenes” facts. I started thinking about questions I’ve been asking, and decided to share some of them with my friends. I would be pleased and surprised if I receive a plausible answer, but many questions can never be answered by others; we have to figure out the answer ourselves. Here are a few of things that I have wondered about… some are silly, and some are serious. Why have I been told that there are no calories in birthday cake? Can the answer be considered to be a birthday present from a thoughtful friend? Why does a person want to train so hard to be an Olympian? We’ve been hearing the last few days of the sacrifices that athletes endure, just to compete against International athletes? Is it only the competition, or more to be in the public eye, and to meet new friends? Why do people give up their private family and personal life to be a politician? It is supposed to be to help their fellow citizens, but it often looks more like they are thinking about the huge paycheck and the ‘perks’! Many of them don’t look too attractive on TV! Why do I travel twenty miles to buy groceries, without making sure that I have my shopping list in my purse? Why do some people think that the rules don’t apply to them, on the road, in the neighborhood, on the Internet, and in the family? Do they forget to consider the consequences? Why don’t we eat pizza for breakfast, and serve dessert as an appetizer? Why do we complain about the weather when we don’t have any control over it? Do we just want to hear ourselves whine? Why do we want to be good neighbors and good friends, then lock ourselves away from contact with them? Do we think we have to be “professionals” to be an acceptable friend? Why do so many of us become so “picky” about the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the place where we live? There are so many in this world who don’t have enough food to eat, clothes to keep them comfortable, and four walls and a roof to home. Why is there so much evil in this world? What is life going to be like for our grandchildren? Where have we placed God in our lives?