Title: X - From X to Xyster
Tags: medical, words,
Blog Entry: In my opinion, the last three letters of the English alphabet are the most difficult in this challenge. In previous challenges, I have used common words like xylophone x-ray and xylitol. What’s left? To get some idea, I went to Google, and typed ‘words that start with x’! I was amazed at the huge list of words, most I can’t even pronounce. Did you know that the first word that starts with ‘x’ is X? I didn’t either! Here is the definition: X - to represent the signature of a person who cannot write; to indicate a particular point on a map, diagram, etc.; or as a symbol for a kiss in letters, etc. The last word in the long list of ‘x’ words is xyster. A xyster is a surgical instrument for scraping bones. I wonder if they used one of them in surgery when I broke my foot off? Perhaps they had to scrape a spot to attached the steal plate that holds two bones together? If they did, everything has gone well, and I’m still walking without the assistance of a cane or walker. Many of the words in the list were medical terms, and the middle word in the list is xeroderma.  I don’t remember having to learn many ‘x’ words in my nursing training. Perhaps they are newer terms that have been invented in the last 50 years. The word means any abnormal dryness of the skin as the result of diminished secretions from the sweator sebaceous glands. How did I ever manage to live this long without knowing these facts?