Title: Got my page cleaning done
Blog Entry: I must have gotten a comment because I signed on the Hill after months of absence. Imagine my surprise when I saw my images missing and a big old ugly sign that politely tells me that Photobucket decided to be a meanie and erased all my images. “Oh well”, I sighed, “I’ve had the same page since the Hill began. Hey, I just realized I’m as old as the Hill.”” LOL Well, I decided to surf a few pages but each one that I peeked at were from visitors with a dazzling page. By the time I finished, I was in despair so figured I would check a few friends pages to see if their page was just as messy. Lo, and behold I found a few whose page lacked cleaning. Kust goes to prove misery loves company. Now, I thought, I can logoff knowing I wasn’t the only lazy Hill member with a page that was neglected and ugly.     I can’t say exactly how because my memory is so lousy that I forget. LOL Anyway, I got to talking with Pamela D. She is a dear and told me how to change it using Doc’s layout. She typed out directions and if it had been me trying to type out instructions, I’ll still be typing. LOL I followed the instructions as proud as a peacock until I saw the pretty new page still littered with Photobucket’s ugly reminders. Again, Pam came dashing to the rescue and told me how to wash it away the remaining mess. Now, I have a sparking new page. Come and visit anytime because if history proves correct. I will probably keep the same page until the Hill comes tumbling down. LOL