Title: Where Have I Been?
Tags: opinion, comment, friends
Blog Entry: I’ve been asked several times, “Where are you? Have you left The Hill?” The short answer is ‘NO’! I just went incognito for almost three months, not by choice but by circumstances. Further explanation now would be too complicated and I would risk being scolded for talking too much. If you have read any of the blogs I have written in the A-Z Alphabet Challenge, you will understand what I’m talking about. I am so pleased to see new (to me) bloggers, and I will be back to read them on the weekend. I love to hear stories from others here on The Hill, and have tried to encourage others to participate. There are guidelines, but they are not hard to follow. Basically, write your own story, and don’t copy and paste something that you have read online. So… I’m posting to let long-time and new friends know that I have survived the crazy Canadian winter, we have better Internet service, I’m relatively healthy for a person my age, and I still text with one pointing finger, and post messages with eight fingers and two thumbs. Now I have to go and update my page. Drop by when you have time and leave a few words of greeting, and, if possible, without a ‘manufactured’ graphic.