Title: Drifting Days
Blog Entry: The days are drifting by with sadness and joy as I travel through these months of sickness and visits to Doctors and Physical Therapy. My family  cheers me with all the care they  show me and the Lord is always by my side. I am showing many signs of improvement and with Gods help I will eventually be able to do many things on my own.  Some things  may never be healed but that does not hinder me from my joy in each morning living on the lake and watching all that happens around me. What a wonderful world the Lord made for us. My one wish is that the deer would stop eating my hostas. They seem to love them more that any thing. I watch them as they swim across the lake I guess in search of more hostas to fill their tummies. Many different species of birds are visiting my feeders and I love watching them. One racoon thinks the feeder is his special resturant. He holds on to the feeder and using one paw shovels the seeds into his mouth that he holds next to the feeder port. So funny. Another time another story are the chipmonks.