Title: It's All About The Stampede
Tags: parade, rodeo, family fun, hoses
Blog Entry: Today is the start of the 106 th annual Calgary Exhibition and Stampede. It is now a 10-day event, starting with a huge parade. My parents would take me downtown to watch the parade, and a visit to the Exhibition. In elementary school, my teacher emphasized handwriting and would select some of our examples to compete in the Exhibition. I remember the first time I went to an afternoon Infield Rodeo event with my Dad. He knew a lot about the life of a cowboy because he had been a cattle driver before he married my mom. We did the same thing when our children were growing up. We would make the annual trek to the downtown core, carrying folding chairs, umbrellas, lunch bags, camera, sunglasses, and a portable radio (so we could listen to the radio commentators. The parade started at 9 a.m., and we needed to go early to find a spot on the parade route for our chairs so we could be in the front row. It was fun but I looked forward to the day the kids could go with their friends if they were still interested. Pancake Breakfasts are still well attended. They can be found in residential communities, on 8th Ave. downtown, and on the Fairgrounds. I just read that it is estimated that about 200,000 pancakes are served during the 10 days, and some even include bacon and eggs. I can do that at home too! We haven’t personally attended any events for years. It’s much better watching the parade on TV, dragging snacks from the kitchen, and no “road apples” or “horse pucky” to scrape off my shoes!  Drop by my page when you have time; Calgary Stampede is now my theme.