Title: Armchair Travels
Tags: vacation, tourists, photos
Blog Entry: Years ago, my Dad did a lot of traveling with his widowed sister, and they were in many places in the world. He wasn't much for taking pictures until after my Mom passed away because she is the one who carried a Kodak box camera. When my Dad retired, his company gave him a movie camera, a 35 mm camera, 2 projectors, and a screen (you can tell that his work was with the "government"), so he decided to learn how to use "that stuff"! He moved into a Seniors' Residence so he wouldn't have to worry about his property when he was traveling, and he took lots of pictures. Many were not that great at first, but when he got back home, he would sort through his slides, put them in order, and put them in trays that fit his projector. Next, he would make arrangements with the Staff to have use of the Social Room, then put a notice on the bulletin board that there would be an evening of ‘Armchair Travels’, with date and time included. On the designated evening, he would set up the screen, put on a pot of coffee, and entertain many of the residents with his pictures of the latest travel adventure.  I have often been asked by new friends here on the hill to tell them a bit about where I live, especially if they have never visited Canada. I often refer to myself as “… living in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountain!”, so I decided to change my page to a ‘Summer in the Rockies’ theme. Some of the pictures included were taken by myself as we traveled, and the others were found online, included two videos. I will keep the theme for the summer, and if I have spurred a bit of interest, drop by and have a look. The Rockies are a magnet of many International visitors every year. How’s this for doing some ‘self-advertising”?