Title: My 10th NOTH anniversary
Blog Entry: For the first time, I 'missed' my NOTH anniversary this year.   Or rather, I forgot it.   So this month I'm celebrating my 10.5 yrs here.  Actually, my NOTH anniversary was when I was busy with my husband's sciatica attacks, which landed him in the emergency room two days in a row.  He hasn't had any more 'bad' attacks, but he did have a number of small episodes in the last six months.  Thankfully, he hasn't had any problems recently.  As for me, I had started with my bad sinus infection a few days before his first attack. But I was so busy with him that I didn't check in with my doctor for another four days.    And I was sick with that sinus infection for a total of 7 weeks, even with two rounds of antibiotics! After that, it's been one thing after another this summer. At one point, my doctor thought I had a problem that needed surgery; but the 'surgeon consult' told me that wasn't my problem. I'm glad my doctor was 'cautious', but sure was glad to hear it wasn't a problem! Honestly, I always say I don't FEEL my age (70!)--but this summer has changed my mind on that.