Title: Surprise! I Have Something To Say!
Tags: Friends, NOTH, Rules, Guidelines
Blog Entry: Once again, I’ve been a bit absent from The Hill. It seems that I have been getting distracted by some annoying personal requirements that needed more of my attention. At one time, I thought that there would be much more leisure time when we officially retired, but that has proved to be incorrect. The newsworthy events that occurred in our area the last few weeks have kept us home more often, and given me time to do some ‘catching up’ on things I love to do, including activities on my computer. I’ve been wandering all over The Hill, and have become involved in ‘Buy and Sell’ local sites to try and ‘declutter’ our home. Things sure have changed in many areas. All the stuff that we have saved to pass on to our family members are no longer needed or wanted. I still have and treasure items that belonged to my parents, but what do I do with them now? Speaking of things that have changed, I have something to say (are you surprised?).In my wandering around 'The Hill', it seems that there are members on here who don’t agree with the rules and guidelines set out by the Owners and Staff of NOTH. Some have even suggested that they could do a better job if given the opportunity. I have been a member since it was started more than ten years ago, and have met many people who are now very special cyber friends. We may never physically meet, but have enjoyed learning from each other. I’m wondering if those who are unhappy with the setup and rules of NOTH are still here? There are so many people here who have moved forward from this introduction “I got this computer from my grandson, and I don’t know how to turn it on!” because they have received instructions and suggestions from helpful Staff and many Staff Helpers. This is not a site of ‘experts’; much more like a bunch of people who now have Internet “Pen Pals”! Many of my friends have left ‘The Hill’, some for personal reasons, and some because of personal experiences here. In my personal opinion, I recognize and appreciate the Owners and Staff that we have!