Title: never hurt again
Blog Entry: Humans know very little of what love is. The older we get we basis our definition of love as what we expect outers to do for us. If they comply then we call ourselves happy with their love .But the greatest love is not to expect anyone to act how you determine they should. If you do this you can not be hurt by their actions because you have no expectations. That is why you are not hurt by the actions of another that you don't know. It is only those we know and expect to act a certain way whose acting totally different than what we want them too that hurts us . Let the justice of the universe take car of their actions. Vengeance is mine says the Lord , I shall repay. Yet he will only let us see this if we forgive , step back & let it happen. We tent to think that we are the only ones hurting in any given situation. Because our hurt focuses our feeling on what they did to me type reactions. If we take our feelings out of the picture , the pain is minimal . We can even laugh at the situation. Use it for our benefit then not let it or them rent space in our minds any longer. It is freedom. It is love. I will do no harm. I will not accept the harm I think others are doing or trying to do to me. I won't take that trip no matter who buys the ticket.