Title: difference could be genises
Blog Entry: we no longer seem to teach our children that all genius were belittled by their teachers & piers as stupid, too nervous , hyper , useless to society. Because society thinks that if you are not following the rules , if you are different , then you are wrong. you should be forced to be as  uninterested & uninteresting as the common man. They do not realize that all the innovators ,inventor, Leaders  the ones that make  the advancements for & in our society are those that do not follow the normal routines of waking , eating, trying to have fun ,& be just like the other fellow, not rock the boat but drift through life actually show more improvement to their lives than they themselves ever do. I give you Einstein, Edison, Bach, Rembrandt, as only a few on the list of greatness. Wish I had followed my heart instead of the crowd.