Title: Life in 2018
Blog Entry: June 12 Nicole our daughter who lost her husband 2011 serving in the military. Has met a very sweet man and the married. We just found out that we will be grandparents for the first time in 2019.  Nicole and husband Aron have moved to New York, where he has landed a very good job with Corning. Saddness was once again to Nicole's deceased husbands family. His sister passed away leaving a son 22 months and husband. Life is rough for David's family and we are very much part of their lives. Our other married daughter Alison has landed a job with the local hospital in her town. She is a dietatation. She really likes her job. Cody works for a parts store as an manager. Alison and Cody are happily married seven years now. They are not planning on having children at this time. Both are focusing on their jobs to pay off their college loans.   Bob my husband retired in January of this year. Nice to have him home to do chores and make meals, as I still have to work for 3 more years. Life for my mother is good, she healed very good from her hip surgery in 2013. At 94 she does circles aroung all 8 of her kids. She said on Thursday, no grass grows under this shoes. Boy that is right, we go shopping together and she goes goes goes. I as I reflect on the years I can say that my family is truely bless. I am thankful this winter season, and Thanksgiving fast approaching. Have faith, remember to love your family and friends as one day you will not have them. Pat