Title: Our Revolution Government Shut-down Rant to Michael Moore
Tags: Putin, 45, Gov.Shut-Down
Blog Entry: "Our Revolution (.com) Government" Shut-down Rant to Michael Moore for Jan 30,2019  meeting                                                                                                              Does anybody realize this Gov. shutdown's enormous length is engineered to demoralize the good people of the FBI, NSA, TSA, The Military, etc., causing them to find jobs elsewhere. All created to cause GOOD people to not want to work for this government nor work for civilian contractors that are looking for employees to do jobs in an industry that shuts down at the drop of a hat, and ESPECIALLY CALCULATED, to cause the worst hardship at times like Christmas & like winter hardship seasons. This shut down was deviously calculated to further "45's" plan with Putin to make it hard to find/hire good/intelligent people to take on a job that has anything to do with a government that can at whim & for no good reason endanger the stability, hard work, future security, & the very health/life of the family members depending on those paychecks, and they have every RIGHT to expect. This creates a huge danger to democracy if good qualified people find work elsewhere, and the government can only find unskilled workers that can't keep a job elsewhere. This blaintant, calculating, Putin devised, deviousness of the present sitting president, "45", is terrifying me & should be terrifying everyone else out there. Thank you, T P, Epsom NH.