Title: What will America stand for?
Tags: Love babies prayer
Blog Entry: Yesterday I was leaving the church after a meeting and ran into the nursery children being taken for a stroll around the church in their nine seated buggy. Such beautiful babies waving and smiling and it brought to mind how wonderful that they have a full life ahead of them and the right to be what ever their talents will allow them  to become. But I also realized that not all babies will have that option. Chose Life has been my cry for years. Now I find my self praying for unknown babies yet to be born and those whose lives are about to be snuffed out. I realize there are many who do not hold the same view but just think about it. May God guide us Americans as to  what kind of nation we want to be. This is one of the most important decisions a mother can make. May God bless and guide each mother struggling with this choice. Let us add love to the equation.