Title: Golden Nuggets Plus 10 - Part 2
Tags: reunions, sisterhood, plans
Blog Entry: Following graduation, the class of nurses went their separate ways, to find their first job as a Registered Nurse (known as an RN), continue their education, or to finally marry the love of their life (which was not allowed during training days). They were now members of the Hospital Alumnae, and made concerted efforts to travel back to attend the annual Alumnae Banquet. Traditionally, each class planned their own class reunion every five years, which included attending the Alumnae Banquet. The first class reunion, five years after graduation, was filled with stories and photos of career jobs and weddings. At the tenth year reunion, there were photos of babies and young children, along with new jobs and travel experiences. The ‘sisterhood’ was deep and the weekends were filled with planned events, dining wherever possible, late night chatting in hotel rooms, but there was very little sleep. There was great sadness in the class when it was learned that the hospital was closed and imploded, along with the Residence. The hospital was beyond repair, and nursing education became a university degree. The end of a beloved era! The Alumnae Association was committed to continue the annual banquet until the last graduating class (1974) could celebrate their 50 th Anniversary, and be referred to as the ‘Golden Nuggets’. It was such a very special honor! How is it that I can write so much about that class? Because it was my class who were the “Golden Nuggets” ten years ago. This year is the 60 th anniversary of our graduation, but because of the restrictions due to the pandemic, the springtime Alumnae Banquet has been cancelled, and a possible rescheduling for September 2021 for the ‘major’ class reunions. Members of my class are close to 80 years young and more, and the plans are very fluid. There were 91 classmates who graduated, and we have said ‘Goodbye’ to 24 dear friends. We have been having many phone conversations this past month, deciding that if some can still travel, and are still able to ‘mingle’, we’ll be together in September. No entertainment plans… just a hotel stay where we can talk, eat, and sleep! We can always hope for a better year! Thanks for reading my story… it is filled with strong emotions and happy memories.