Title: Seniors Have Special Moments
Tags: Aging, Humor, Memory
Blog Entry: I have had a real time of it.  Talk about having a senior moment.  It all started last night.  I don't know what time it was when I last sent an email.  But right after that my system popped up and said it wanted to do an update and that it would take "a while" to do it.  A while turned into hours.  I watched all the Gunsmoke episodes I had recorded and was starting in on the Walker, Texas Ranger recordings before I finally got an "okay."  The screen just said, "DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR PC".  That is when the fun started. Special Moment #1 I turned on the PC.  It asked me for my username and password.  I have not had to log into my system for almost a year, so I had to refer to my paperwork.  I could not remember where I put it.  I yelled at the fly that landed on my arm, I yelled at the coffee pot for going to slow.  I looked through the file boxes, I looked through everything I could find.  I could not remember my id or my password.  I could not remember where I put them either.  I was taking "calm down" breaks in between my little fits of "dumb Jane chants."  I thought about the first that was coming up.  How would I pay my bills?  How would I get groceries?  A little panic was growing. I decided to take things slow and just let my mind wander a bit.  Sometimes, when I try to think too hard on something, I unknowingly throw out the right answer because I am giving myself too many possibilities.  When that happens, I just get quiet and let my mind wander.  I came back in and quietly started cleaning up the office.  I put everything back in order, took out the trash, and started working on the desk.  I picked up the PC and instantly stopped.  There, taped to the bottom was the information to get into it.  I remember I had done that when I took it to the ER that time.  Anyway, I got into the PC.  I was thrilled.  The update had changed all the icons on the desktop but that was okay.  I had everything labeled correctly. I wanted to check my emails: Special Moment #2 Since I had the information about getting into the PC taped outside, I had changed the email access.  I could not find the file where I had hidden it.  I went through my cheat sheets.  Nothing I tried worked.  I spent two hours going through files trying to find the passwords to my email accounts.  I finally found it.  No wonder I could not find it.  It was labeled, Hamlet's stash, and I forgot all about it.   I finally got into my email account a few minutes ago.  I found all the account IDs, but the file with the passwords was labeled, Oscar's Nuts.    Oscar is my pet squirrel.  You read it right.  I have a pet squirrel.  I have changed all of this but have also made several copies of it and put it in several places around the house. Special Moment #3.   I could not remember what I was going to do when I tried to get into the computer in the first place.  I stared out the window, relaxing my mind.  The only thing I was looking through the eyes of a dinosaur watching an extremely large ship sailing away on the ocean.  I was saying to another dinosaur, “Oh, crap.  Was that today?    I started laughing.  I turned off the computer and walked into the bedroom laughing.  As soon as I sat down…. It all came back to me.  I wrote myself a note as to why I needed to get into the computer… later.  I also was not worried.  I had also written down how to get back in.  I fell asleep watching TV. When I woke up, a very dear friend had come in, noticed I was asleep.  She proceeded to pick up my house.  She threw away all my handy notes. I thanked her for all her hard work.  I went into the computer room, no notes.  Thank goodness senior moments do not last long.  As soon as I started remembering I wrote everything down again and sent the information to my phone. I am as happy as I could be until I glanced at my dog.  She was holding her food dish… Oops!  Another special moment.  I think I best stop counting.  I got up to go get the dog food in the kitchen.  I got to the kitchen and for the life of me could not remember why I went in there.  I looked at the half way made coffee and started to finish making it.  I had run out of coffee filters and looked around for the paper towels.  The roll in the kitchen was out.  I headed for the laundry room to get another roll off the shelf.  When I got there I noticed the dryer had finished and started to unload it.  I congratulated myself for remembering to put the roll of paper towel on top of the load of laundry.  I got to my bedroom, put down the laundry basket full of dry clothes and scratched my head.  Why had I put the paper towel there.  Oh, darn, it was important too.  I decided to put away the laundry before I forgot.  I still had the paper towel in my hand when I remembered the coffee.  I finished making the coffee.  I started to leave the kitchen when Bella barked.  She was standing on top of the dog food bag and Sweet Pea was now holding a bowl.  "Oh, girls, I am so sorry." I proceeded to tell Bella to go get her bowl while I proceeded to feed Sweet Pea.  I was able to fill both bowls before leaving the room. I could not believe I was having a whole day of special moments.  I poured myself a cup of coffee and went into the bedroom to watch TV.  I suddenly remembered the day when my grandmother had decided to spank me.  We were not allowed to climb very high in the huge pecan tree in the yard.  I was having so much fun; I just kept climbing higher.  She saw me and held her breath until I got down.  She ordered me to pick out a switch.  I hated these tasks.  I was to meet her in the living room.  I got a switch and started into the house.  She was coming down the hall.  I suddenly ran out of reach.  She chased me into the living room.  There is a big barrel chair (which I still own) that she used for such tasks.  She was on the back side of the chair and I was on the front.  We played dodge with each other for a few minutes.  Then she said, "Now, Tina, Tricia, Elenor, Tim, Michael."  She then started laughing and flopped down in the chair.  "Which one of the Hoover Dam kids you are... come here." I too started laughing and stepped into her open arms.  Big mistake... I still got the spanking which consisted of two strokes of the switch across my bottom.  All spankings usually started with her telling us exactly why we were being spanked and ended with an I love you and a big hug.  This one had started with a giggle. I decided that I just came by it naturally.  I heard a buzzing from the other room.  Oh, yeah.  I went into the office to finish the email I had started. Have you ever had a day like mine?