Title: Loving New Challenges...
Blog Entry: I’ve been at it again… trying my best to remember to do the things that I must do, and enjoy the things that I like to do. My goal is… never have a boring day! There are so many possibilities, no matter what our abilities are. If we are still breathing, we should be able to talk, eat, and sleep! That’s a good start! The past year has been filled with challenges, no matter where we live. As some signs along our highway state… ‘WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER; WE WILL GET THROUGH IT!” I hope it is working for my readers too. In our home, there have been the usual duties… shop for groceries, attend medical appointments, do the laundry, tidy our living area, and make the necessary phone calls. There are extra activities that are more fun… bake a cake, work on a jigsaw puzzle, paint a fence, do some handwork like knitting or crocheting, pursue a hobby outdoors or in the shop, enjoy some armchair travelling (either on TV or your own collection of photographs), learn something new, even on a computer. It’s the computer that keeps my attention! Photography has always been a passion of mine, and I’ve written a blog about it some time ago. It was ten years ago that I digitalize many of our family pictures and slides. We have enjoyed them many times, and friends have been challenged to consider that same option, and have asked me for some advice on how to get started. Those requests presented new challenges for me because the equipment that I used ten years ago are now obsolete, especially for users of Windows 10. I found software online that I could “try before I buy” and sources for updated equipment. I had to read information that at times was too technical for a clear understanding, or seek out ‘experts’ online for added clarification. I even had enough ‘spending money’ to treat myself to updated equipment. Last month, I decided that I was ready to take on a challenge presented to me by dear friends that included slides in different formats, and a ‘truckload’ of snapshots. I was able to scan over 1800 slides in a week of evenings, working from my favorite chair with my feet up. I enjoyed every minute of it, and the reaction of the owners, many expressions of appreciation, I would do it all again. This week I received the long awaited photo scanner that I had ordered online, and with it came a new set of challenges. Windows 10 doesn’t like the software for the new scanner, and refuses to accept the download. Now what do I do? Part of the ‘truckload’ of photos has been delivered to my place and I’m ‘chomping at the bit’ to get started. I have about worn out Google Search, have had an online ‘chat’ with the company of the scanner, and even written a question to TC on NOTH. I have a feeling that it will be TC who will come up with an answer that will solve the challenge. When all is solved, I will have one more associated challenge… keeping good records! My husband enjoyed asking me each evening how many slides I had scanned, and I’m sure he will have the same question when I’m working with the photos. I’m wondering how many photos there are in a ‘truck load’ of photos! Stay tuned!