Title: What About The Truckload?
Tags: hobbies, photos, computers
Blog Entry:  It is hard for me to realize that March is almost finished... at least in our part of this world. We did get a taste of Spring somewhat early but that’s gone now. The temperatures have been in the mid 50*F and we are now told to prepare for a coming snow ‘blizzard’ after the expected balmy weekend. I give up! I have enough to tend to without worrying about what kind of weather is coming or going. If you have read my last blog (dated March 10 th ), you will know that I planned to let you know how many photos will make a ‘truckload’. I still don’t know, but I now have some idea because I’ve been busy with the first ‘haul’. But first, I want to give a ‘big’ thank you to our own NOTH owner and computer repairman, TC. With just one email to answer my question about the difficulties I had in installing the new photo scanner that I purchased. He carefully wrote the instructions, step-by-step, in what I should do to solve the problem. I carefully read and followed his instruction, and in 10 minutes, my scanner is up and running. I did make a great choice of scanners, and the ‘adventure’ began. My father would say that I have been having a number of ‘armchair travel’ experiences as I have been digitalizing photos. I’ve been to a number of European countries, Australia, and South America, as well as the beautiful mountain areas of my own province. I’ve watched their family grow from toddlers to mature adults, and observed the absolute delight to see the joy of the owners of the photos in the ‘adventures’ with their grandchildren. I still have not had one day of ‘boredom’ during this “stay-at-home” time, and I’m thankful for it. Speaking of being ‘thankful’… there are many, many things that we all should be reminded to be thankful. We have food available to keep us well-fed, the telephone still work so that we can chat with family and friends who are near and far, our Internet works most of the time, our living quarters are keeping us comfortable, and we have a bed to get the needed sleep. There are crowds of people who don’t have that many things for which to be thankful. I have digressed from the topic… about the ‘truckload’! In the last two weeks, I have scanned over 3000 photos, slides, and negatives. I’ve also been warned that the next delivery could be even more. WOW!